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IMN-Kolloquium: "Synthesis of self-assembled 3D nanostructures using metastable atomic layer deposition"

Am Mittwoch, dem 12.12.2018, um 13 Uhr spricht Mario Ziegler vom Leibniz Institute of Photonic Technology Jena (IPHT), Jena, im Rahmen des IMN-Kolloquiums zum Thema "Synthesis of self-assembled 3D nanostructures using metastable atomic layer deposition". Die Veranstaltung findet im Feynmanbau, Gustav-Kirchhoff-Straße 7, Raum 114/115, statt.

Zum Vortrag:
Atomic layer deposition (ALD) is the method of choice to coat substrate surfaces with highly conformal ultra-thin films. A new generation of 3D nanostructures with emerging properties can be created by utilizing this conformal deposition behavior to coat complex pre-patterned 3D substrates. Unlike the common ALD approach to fabricate 3D structures, we present a novel method to generate 3D nanostructures without the necessity of pre-patterned substrates using plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition (PE-ALD) and flat silver templates. This method is known as metastable atomic layer deposition (MS-ALD). The MS-ALD exploits the metastability of the silver substrate to generate silver oxide. The generated silver oxide decomposes in a cyclic manner due to the PE-ALD process and facilitates additional side-reactions with the applied precursors. Beside the conformal coatings, the side-reactions lead to additional non-conformal coatings. As a result 3D nanostructures are generated in a self-assembled manner. The geometry of the nanostructures can be easily adjusted by tuning the deposition parameters of the MS-ALD process. We observed several different structures such as nanowires, nanosponges, and aggregated nanoparticles with feature sizes up to several microns. This contribution gives an overview over diverse generated structures and additionally introduces a model describing the MS-ALD growth process.

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