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Research Training Group

Lorentz Force Velocimetry and Lorentz Force Eddy Current Testing


Training Program

General remarks

The general purpose of the training program is to support the doctoral students to complete their doctoral degree within a three years period. The program consists of a number of compulsory and optional lectures and academic activities as well as academic events that are organized by the doctoral students themselves. The program of compulsory lectures will be finished after one and a half years. The program also includes a scientific stay abroad as well as a practical training in industry later on.

Compulsory lectures and academic activities

Computational Engineering

This research-related training program consists of six compulsory lectures each of which containing two contact hours per week per semester. The doctoral students will pass the following schedule.

1st semester:

Mathematical Modelling

2nd semester:

Computational Mechanics
Computational Electromagnetics

3rd semster:

Computational Heat Transfer
Computational Fluid Dynamics

Specific Qualification

This compulsory training program offers a total of two special lecture series each of which containing two contact hours per week per semester. The lecture series aim to train the fundamentals in the following fields.

  • Measurement Technology and Material Science
  • Numerical Methods and Signal Processing

Soft Skills

This optional training program offers a couple of special lectures each of which containing two contact hours per week per semester. The doctoral students may select a total of two lectures within the first three semesters. The lectures aim to train skills in the following fields.

  • German as a Second Language
  • Project Management
  • Production Management
  • Time Management
  • Patent Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Business Management
  • Marketing

Closed Session

Each year there will be a closed session outside the Campus. The closed session will last up to four days. The sessions aim to promote intense discussion between the doctoral students and the supervisors in an unperturbed environment. During the closed sessions the following topics shall be discussed.

  • Progress of the research work
  • Publication activities (papers, patents etc.)
  • Academic stay abroad
  • Practical training in industry
  • Brainstorming to create new ideas
  • Academic events of the RTG (summer schools, international workshop)

Self-organized Academic Events

Doctoral Seminar

This weekly seminar is offering an internal discussion forum for the doctoral students and the postdoctoral students. The seminar may also be used to present individual progress reports. The students may feel free to invite other members of the RTG to the seminar.

Summer school

There will be two summer schools in the three years period of doctoral studies. The summer schools last about three days and are mainly organized by the students themselves. The students may feel free to invite external guests from academia and industry giving special lectures and seminar talks and to talk intensively with the guests about their research work.

International Workshop

At the end of the three years period of doctoral studies there will be an international workshop organized by the students in close cooperation with the Head of the RTG. The workshop is considered to by the academic highlight of the program. It will last about five days. Upon the suggestion of the students the Head will invite approved international experts to the workshop. The students may discuss intensively the results of their research with the international experts.

Other Events

Kick-off Meeting

In the beginning of the training program there will be a kick-off meeting to introduce all members of the RTG.

Guest Colloquium

This colloquium will be offered every two weeks. The Head of the TRG will invite interesting guests to give scientific seminar talks.

Scientific Stay Abroad

Each doctoral student will have the opportunity for a long-term scientific stay at one of our partner institutes abroad. This stay can last for up to three months. Our partners include universities in USA, China, UK, France, Latvia, and Poland.

Practical Training in Industry

Each doctoral student will have the opportunity for a short-term practical training in one of our industrial partner companies. This stay may last for up to one week. Our industrial partners are producers of aluminum, steel, copper, glass, and silicon as well as suppliers of the metallurgical industry and foundries.