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Harant, Jochen; Kemnitz, Arnfried; Saito, Akira; Schiermeyer, Ingo
Closures, cycles, and paths. - In: Journal of graph theory. - New York, NY [u.a.] : Wiley, ISSN 1097-0118, Bd. 69 (2012), 3, S. 314-323
Ilchmann, Achim; Pham Huu Anh, Ngoc
Stability and robust stability of positive Volterra systems. - In: International journal of robust and nonlinear control : IFAC affiliated journal.. - New York, NY [u.a.] : Wiley, ISSN 1099-1239, Bd. 22 (2012), 6, S. 604-629
Schreyer, Jens; Škrabul'áková, Erika
On the facial Thue choice index of plane graphs. - In: Discrete mathematics. - Amsterdam [u.a.] : Elsevier, Bd. 312 (2012), 10, S. 1713-1721
Berger, Thomas; Reis, Timo
Controllability of linear differential-algebraic systems - a survey. - Ilmenau : Techn. Univ., Inst. für Mathematik, 2012. - Online-Ressource (PDF-Datei: 48 S., 501 KB). . - (Preprint. - M12,03)

Different concepts related to controllability of differential-algebraic equations are described. The class of systems considered consists of linear differential-algebraic equations with constant coefficients. Regularity, which is, loosely speaking, a concept related to existence and uniqueness of solutions for any inhomogeneity, is not required in this article. The concepts of impulse controllability, controllability at infinity, behavioral controllability, strong and complete controllability are described and defined in time-domain. Equivalent criteria that generalize the Hautus test are presented and proved. - Special emphasis is placed on normal forms under state space transformation and, further, under state space, input and feedback transformations. Special forms generalizing the Kalman decomposition and Brunovsky form are presented. Consequences for state feedback design and geometric interpretation of the space of reachable states in terms of invariant subspaces are proved.
Kostochka, Alexandr V.; Rabern, Landon; Stiebitz, Michael
Graphs with chromatic number close to maximum degree. - In: Discrete mathematics. - Amsterdam [u.a.] : Elsevier, Bd. 312 (2012), 6, S. 1273-1281
Azizov, Tomas Ya.; Trunk, Carsten
PT symmetric, Hermitian and P-self-adjoint operators related to potentials in PT quantum mechanics. - In: Journal of mathematical physics. - College Park, Md. : American Inst. of Physics, ISSN 1089-7658, Bd. 53 (2012), 1, S. 012109, insges. 18 S.
Süße, Roland; Marx, Bernd
Variationsrechnung und Maxwellsche Gleichungen. - Theoretische Elektrotechnik ; Bd. 1
2., überarb. und erw. Ausg.. - Langewiesen : Wiss.-Verl. Thüringen, 2012. - XXXVIII, 264 S.. - Literaturverz. S. 255 - 257

Neundorf, Werner;
Fourier-Reihen : Theorie und Numerik. - Langewiesen : Wiss.-Verl. Thüringen, 2012. - XII, 588 S.. - Literaturverz. S. [587] - 588

Harant, Jochen; ,
Nonrepetitive vertex colorings of graphs. - In: Discrete mathematics. - Amsterdam [u.a.] : Elsevier, Bd. 312 (2012), 2, S. 374-380
Arendt, Wolfgang; Ball, Joseph A.; Behrndt, Jussi; Förster, Karl-Heinz; Mehrmann, Volker; Trunk, Carsten
Spectral theory, mathematical system theory, evolution equations, differential and difference equations : 21st International Workshop on Operator Theory and Applications, Berlin, July 2010. - Basel : Birkhäuser, 2012. - VIII, 690 S.. . - (Operator theory: advances and applications. - Vol. 221) ISBN 3-0348-0296-X
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