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IMN-Kolloquium: "Measurement of Freeform Optics: Challenges and Potential Solutions"

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IMN-Kolloquium: "Measurement of Freeform Optics: Challenges and Potential Solutions"

Am Mittwoch, dem 19.06.2019, um 13.00 Uhr spricht Prof. Gufran S. Khan vom Instrument Design Development Centre (IDDC) des Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi, im Rahmen des Kolloquiums des Instituts für Mikro- und Nanotechnologien MacroNano® der TU Ilmenau zum Thema "Measurement of Freeform Optics: Challenges and Potential Solutions". Die Veranstaltung findet im Feynmanbau, Gustav-Kirchhoff-Straße 7, Raum 114/115, statt.

Zum Vortrag:
The uses of freeform optics are becoming well known tools with optical design engineers and integrators in imaging and illumination applications. Along with the advantages, there are numerous challenges involved in the design, fabrication, metrology and integration into the optical systems.

The extended range of fabrication of freeform optics offered by the modern manufacturing techniques is giving more opportunity to integrate them in the optical systems. However, the success of these fabrication techniques depends on the capabilities of metrology procedures and a feedback mechanism to CNC machines for optimizing the manufacturing process.

The talk will focus mainly on the measurement techniques explored so far for freeform optics.

Mechanical profilometry, optical profilometric techniques (Veeco NT 9100 optical profiler and Coherence Correlation Interferometer), diffractive null based interferometry, and the Shack-Hartmann sensor using both diffractive optical element (DOE) as null and non-null based configuration are explored for testing a freeform optics.

A comparative study on the challenges involved in each of the techniques will be discussed. The application range, precision, accuracy of each metrology technique will be discussed. The requirements of deterministic in-situ measurement for sub-micrometer figure accuracy will also be discussed.

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