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Curriculum Vitae

Heiko O. Jacobs

Born 20.02.1970 in Nettetal, Germany
Dipl. Ing., 1995, EE, Uni. of  Wuppertal, Germany,1999, ME/EE, ETH Zurich, Switzerland Postdoc. Fell., ->2001, Chem., Harvard Uni., USA
Assistant Professor ->2006, EE, Uni. of Minnesota, USA
Associate Professor ->2011, EE, Uni. of Minnesota, USA
Professor 2011->, Nanotechnology Group, TU-Ilmenau, Germany

Professor Jacobs received his M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Wuppertal, Germany, in 1995, and his doctoral degree ( in Engineering from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), Switzerland, in 1999. He joined the faculty at the University of Minnesota in 2001 as an assistant professor after completing postdoctoral research at Harvard University with Professor George M. Whitesides. Since December of 2011 Professor Jacobs directs the Nanotechnology Group at the Technical University Ilmenau. During his academic career he carried out his research at different departments -- Chemistry (Harvard), Mechanical Engineering (ETH), Physics (ETH), and Electrical Engineering (ETH, University of Minnesota, TU Ilmenau) – carrying out  interdisciplinary research in areas of Micro- and Nanotechnology.





Postdoctoral Fellow (Chemistry, Harvard University), 
  Research Advisor: Prof. Dr. G. M. Whitesides, 
  Research Area: Development and Investigation of Novel 
  Strategies for Micro- and Nanofabrication.




Visiting Scientist (Applied Physics, University Karlsruhe).


02/96-03/99 (ME/EEETH-Zurich), 
  Research Advisor: Prof. Dr. A. Stemmer, 
  Research Area: Nanotechnology 
  Thesis: Methods to Measure and Modify Electrical Properties on a nm Scale.




Visiting Scholar (ETH-Zurich), 
  Research Project, ASIC Chip Design for MEMS, 
  Physical Electronics Laboratory, Physics, Prof. Dr. H. Baltes.  
  Diploma Thesis on a Micro-Electro-Mech. Sys.(MEMS), 
  Physical Electronics Laboratory, Physics, Prof. Dr. H. Baltes. 
  Semester Thesis on a High Frequency Wave Guide, Microwave Elect. Lab., EE., Prof. Dr. W. Bächtold. 




Diploma (M.Sc.) in EE. (University of Wuppertal).

Fellowships and Awards                              


3M Junior Faculty Award for work on self-assembly based manufacturing........... 


McKnight Land-Grant Professor, A Professorship program awarded to most promising tenure-track assistant professors to strengthen the University's faculty for the future 


3M Junior Faculty Award .for work on self-assembly based manufacturing. The 3M grant supports junior faculty and is targeted to higher education in science, technology and business............... 


National Science Foundation CAREER Award for work on the Directed Assembly of Nanoparticles to Enable the Fabrication of Nanoparticle Based Devices 


Emmy Neother-Program, first electrical engineer awarded by this assistant professorship equivalent program from the German Science Foundation (DFG)


Nachwuchsstipendium, a fellowship for specially qualified scientists, obtained from the Swiss National Science Foundation for postdoctoral studies at Harvard University . 


Visiting scholarship from the University  of Wuppertal  to conduct research (6 month, diploma thesis) at the ETH in Switzerland . 


Visiting scholarship from the University  of Wuppertal  to conduct reserach (5 month, semester thesis) at the ETH in Switzerland .