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subject properties subject number 8295 - common information
subject number8295
departmentDepartment of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
ID of group2112 (Electronic Measurement Engineering Group)
subject leaderProf. Dr. Giovanni Del Galdo
term Wintersemester
previous knowledge and experience

- signal- and system theorie
- basics of information technology
- basics of circuit design

learning outcome

The students get to know an important design tool (VHDL + FPGA). This is used for high data rate and complex tasks in the field of communication systems. Beside microcontrollers and DSPs you will find FPGA in many circuit concepts. The students are enabled to program and test trasmitting and receiving blocks of this technology.


- Overview
- Basics of VHDL programming
- Buildup CPLD, FPGA
- Design of filters, interleavers and modulators
- Applications in the field of communication systems

media of instruction

 Slides, board, PC-workstation, programming test facility

literature / references

Reichardt, Jürgen; Schwarz, Bernd: VHDL-Synthese, Entwurf digitaler Schaltungen und Systeme, 2nd edition, München: Oldenbourg, 2001.

evaluation of teaching


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Details in major Master Medientechnologie 2009, Master Medientechnologie 2013
subject nameHardware Description with VHDL
examination number2100251
credit points3
on-campus program (h)34
self-study (h)56
examalternative pass-fail certificate
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