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subject properties subject number 5833 - common information
subject number5833
departmentDepartment of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
ID of group2113 (RF and Microwave Research Group)
subject leaderProf. Dr. Matthias Hein
term Wintersemester
previous knowledge and experience

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

learning outcome

The students analyse the basics of wave propagation, reflection and superposition of RF signals on transmission lines. They learn to design matching circuits based on lumped and distributed elements. The students are able to describe the operation of typical couplers and hybrids. They are able to choose optimal transmission line types and substrate materials. They know about the principles of RF measurement systems, e.g. the vector network analyser. The students will solve specific design and analysis Tasks in tutorial groups.


1. Waveguides, line propagation, reflections

2. Reflection coefficient, Smith diagram, scattering parameters

3. Special transmission lines

4. Couplers and hybrids

5. Microwave materials and line types

6. Impedance matching

7. Diode detectors, slotted line

8. Reflectometer, VSWR bridge, network analyzer

9. Multi-port measurements, mixed-mode S-parameters

media of instruction

Blackboard, illustrations (projector), selected microwave components, work sheets (printable)

literature / references

Chang Kai, "Handbook of microwave and optical components: Microwave passive and antenna components", vol. 1, Wiley, 1989

Bhartia, Prakash ; Bahl, Inder Jit, "Millimeter wave engineering and applica-tions", Wiley, 1984.

Pozar, David M., "Microwave engineering", Wiley, 2005.

evaluation of teaching


Freiwillige Evaluation:


Details in major Master Communications and Signal Processing 2008, Master Communications and Signal Processing 2013
subject nameMicrowave engineering
examination number2100208
credit points4
on-campus program (h)45
self-study (h)75
examoral examination performance, 30 minutes
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