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subject properties subject number 101729 - common information
subject number101729
departmentDepartment of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
ID of group2172 (Group of Materials for Electrical Engineering and Electronics)
subject leaderProf. Dr. Peter Schaaf
languageEnglish (Deutsch)
term Sommersemester
previous knowledge and experience

Previous studies of at least 4 semester (bachelor/master)

learning outcome

Students are able to discuss scientific problems on the basis of existing scientific knowledge and literature. They can argue in a scientific way and are able to report own ideas and thoughts in connection with a scientific question.
The can search for relevant literature and use it in their work. They can put it into a context and can give a scientific talk on a specific topic.


Elaboration of a scientific topic
Collecting existing literature
Summarize and judge the literature
Propose further work
Scientific discussion of a scientific topic

media of instruction

Scriptum, powerpoint, computer presentations, databases, standards, example, online exercises

literature / references

- Special literature depending on topic

evaluation of teaching
Details in major Master Micro- and Nanotechnologies 2016
subject nameIntroduction to advanced research
examination number2100560
credit points3
on-campus program (h)22
self-study (h)68
examalternative examination performance
details of the certificate

Oral presentation of 30 min.

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maximum number of participants