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Energieeffiziente Fahrzeugantriebe - Modultafeln of TU Ilmenau

The Modultafeln have a pure informational character. The legally binding information can be found in the corresponding Studienplan and Modulhandbuch, which are served on the pages of the course offers. Please also pay attention to this legal advice (german only).
Information on the room and time of planned courses can be found in the e-calendar of events. Courses and examinations that are not listed in the e-calendar of events are planned "by appointment". A list of the events concerned can be found here: courses, examinations.

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Fach Fachnummer# FachgebietFG Studiengang
Aufladung von Verbrennungsmotoren 101382 2325
Grundlagen der Strömungsmaschinen 101381 2325
Praktikum Verbrennungsmotoren 101566 2325
Simulationsmethoden der Verbrennungsmotorenentwicklung 101567 2325

* Es werden nur Studiengänge in PO-Versionen ab einschl. 2008 betrachtet.