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module properties 101396 - common information
module number101396
departmentDepartment of Economic Sciences and Media
ID of group 2552 (Media Studies Group)
module leader Dr. Andreas Schwarz

This course requires a basic knowledge in the field of communication and media studies and a basic understanding of strategic communication and management practice.

learning outcome

  • An understanding of principles and elements of an ongoing approach to the strategic management of crisis communication

  • Developing abilities to apply findings of crisis communication research in an organizational and managerial environment, including private companies, governmental authorities and non-governmental organizations

  • An understanding of measures and mechanisms to prevent and to detect crises

  • An understanding of sustainable and effective crisis preparations in an organizational environment

  • Understanding and application of effective crisis response strategies (form and content)

  • An understanding of core mechanisms of crisis learning and crisis communication evaluation

  • Deduce trends and future challenges of crisis communication from current cases and research (e.g., international dimensions of crisis communication)

Details - reference subject
ATTENTION: not offered anymore
module nameManaging Strategic Crisis Communication
credit points6
Obligationobligatory elective
certificate of the module Individual achievements or exams
details of the certificate

In order to successfully complete this course, students need to frequently and actively participate, hold group presentations, participate in a crisis planning exercise as well as a spokesperson training and submit a final paper on a case study in crisis communication.