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subject properties Information Theory and Coding in major Master Communications and Signal Processing 2008
subject number5832
examination number2100207
departmentDepartment of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
ID of group 2112 (Electronic Measurement Engineering Group)
subject leaderProf. Dr. Giovanni Del Galdo
term Wintersemester
credit points5
on-campus program (h)45
self-study (h)105
examwritten examination performance, 120 minutes
details of the certificate
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maximum number of participants
previous knowledge and experienceBachelorabschluß
Basic knowlege in statistics, stochastics
learning outcome

The students understand the the basic concept of information, i.e., entropy, differential entropy, mutual information, channel capacity. The students are able to apply their knowledge to communication systems and they are able to evaluate the effectivness of source- and channel coding schemes. Besides the knowledge of block codes and  convolutional codes the students are also familiar with the principles of Turbo codes and LDPC codes.  


  • Informationstheorie 

  • Übertragung codierter Signale über AWGN Kanäle 

  • Codierungsgewinn, Informationtheoretische Grenzen 

  • Shannon-Hartley Kanalcodierungs-Theorem 

  • Blockcodes und Faltungscodes 

  • Turbo-Codes 

  • LDPC-Codes 

Table of contents

  • Information theory 

  • Transmission of coded signals over AWGN channels 

  • Coding gain, information theoretic limits 

  • Shannon-Hartley channel coding theorem 

  • Blockcodes and convolutional codes 

  • Turbo-codes 

  • LDPC-codes

media of instruction

Skript, Tafel

literature / references
  • John G. Proakis
  • Thomas M. Cover, Joy A. Thomas, "Elements of Information Theory", Wiley series in telecommunications, Wiley & Sons, Inc., Canada, 1991
evaluation of teaching


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