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subject properties Measurement in Communications in major Master Communications and Signal Processing 2008
subject number5847
examination number2100216
departmentDepartment of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
ID of group 2112 (Electronic Measurement Engineering Group)
subject leaderProf. Dr. Giovanni Del Galdo
term Wintersemester
credit points3
on-campus program (h)22
self-study (h)68
examoral examination performance, 30 minutes
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learning outcome


The students get a deeper insight in radio frequency measurements in theory and applications with a main focus on mobile communications. 


Lecturers: Prof. Reiner Thomä / Prof. Giovanni Del Galdo

- Netzwerkanalysator: Messungen von geleiteten elektromagnetischen Wellen, s-Parameter, Wellentrennung, Fehlerkorrektur - Signalgeneratoren: Synthesizer und Modulatoren, Arbitrary Waveform Generatoren - Breitband Empfangstechniken: Down Converter Architekturen, Korrelatoren, Sampling-Empfänger - Anwendungen: Phasenrauschen, Rauschzahl, Antennenmessungen, Charakterisierung nichtlinearer Verzerrungen, Modulationsanalyse - Messung und Simulation der Wellenausbreitung im Mobilfunk: Breitband, gerichtete Kanalmodelle, schnelles und langsames Fading, MIMO-Kanalmessungen, Antennenarray-Architekturen, Kalibrierung, hochauflösende Parameterschätzung, Parameteranalyse, Link- und Systemlevel-Simulationen zur Beurteilung der Leistungsfähigkeit, Echtzeitkanalsimulatoren

- RF network analyzer: Measurement of guided electromagnetic waves, Scattering parameters, Wave separation, Error correction - Signal generators: Synthesizers and modulators, Arbitrary waveform generators - Broadband Receiver Techniques: Down converter architectures, Correlators, Sampling receivers - Applications: Phase noise, Noise figure, Antenna measurement, Nonlinear distortion characterization, Modulation analysis - Measurement and simulation of wave propagation in mobile radio: Broadband, directional channel models, Fast and slow fading, MIMO channel sounding, Antenna array architecture, Calibration, Superrsolution parameter estimation, Analysis of descriptive parameters, Link- and system level simulation for performance evaluation, Real-time channel simulators

media of instructionSkript, Overheadprojektor, Beamer
Script, projector
literature / references- R. Pintelon, J. Schoukens. System Identifikation – A Frequency Domain Approach. IEEE Press, Piscata-way, NJ, 2001
- R.S. Thomä, M. Landmann, A. Richter, U. Trautwein. Multidimensional High-Resolution Channel Sounding. in T. Kaiser et. al. (Ed.), Smart Antennas in Europe – State-of-the-Art, EURASIP Book Series on SP&C, Vol. 3, Hindawi Publishing Corporation, 2005
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