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module properties Aerodynamics in degree program Master Maschinenbau 2014
module number7475
examination number2300195
departmentDepartment of Mechanical Engineering
ID of group 2349 (Aerodynamics)
module leaderProf. Dr. Claus Wagner
term summer term only
credit points5
on-campus program (h)45
self-study (h)105
obligationobligatory module
examwritten examination performance, 90 minutes
details of the certificate
alternative examination performance due to COVID-19 regulations incl. technical requirements
signup details for alternative examinations
maximum number of participants
previous knowledge and experience

Strömungsmechanik 1

learning outcome

Überblick über Anwendungen der Aerodynamik


Aerodynamische Kräfte, Strömungstypen, Erhaltungsgleichungen, Stromlinien, Stromfunktion, Zirkulation, Reibungsfreie, inkompressible Strömung, Bernoulli’sche Gleichungen, Pitot-Rohr, Laplace-Gleichung, Potential-Theorie, Strömung um einen Kreiszylinder, Kutta-Joukowski-Theorem, Quell-Panel Verfahren, Inkompressible Strömung um Profile, Profil-Bezeichnungen, Wirbel-Panel Methode, Kutta-Bedingung, Kelvin’sche Zirkulations-Theorem, Theorie kleiner Störungen für schlanke Profile, Inkompressible Flügelumströmung, Tragflächen-Theorie

media of instruction and technical requirements for education and examination in case of online participation

Moodle, Onenote auf IPad, WebEx (online) oder Beamer (Präsenz)



literature / references

John D. Anderson, Jr. (2011), Fundamentals of Aerodynamics, 5th edition, published by McGraw-Hill, ISBN 978-0-07-339810-5

evaluation of teaching


SS 2014 (Fach)

Freiwillige Evaluation: