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subject properties Accounting and Management Control 1 in major Master Mathematik und Wirtschaftsmathematik 2013 (WM)
subject number101606
examination number2500233
departmentDepartment of Economic Sciences and Media
ID of group 2521 (Accounting and Managerial Control Group)
subject leaderProf. Dr. Michael Grüning
term Wintersemester
credit points4
on-campus program (h)34
self-study (h)86
examwritten examination performance, 90 minutes
details of the certificate

The prioritized form of the final examination is the written examination.

This change in the form of the final examination only applies in the context of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic 2020/2021.

Only in the event that it is impossible for the student to take the written examination, the oral form of examination is permitted.

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Internes Rechnungswesen (Cost Accounting)

learning outcome

Students are able to apply management accounting techniques and tools in the decision making process according to fims' requirements and in line with environmental restrictions. They are able to implement management control systems to align operating activities in line with corporate objectives.


Variante 1
Accounting and Management Control 1 -
Management Control Systems


Language: English


  • advances methodological knowledge about management accounting
  • management control system
  • responsibility center control
  • transfer pricing
  • performance measurement
  • management compensation

Literature: Anthony/Govindarajan: Management Control System. 12. ed. New York: MCGrawHill, 2007.

Regular Course start: winter term

Exam: written exam

Bonus Points: case studies with presentation

Variante 2
Accounting and Management Control 1 -
Empirical Accounting research


Sprache: Deutsch



  • Methoden und Forschungsgegenstände empirischer Rechnungslegungsforschung
  • Umgang mit wissenschaftlicher Literatur
  • Forschungsgegenstand >Qualität von Rechnungslegung< und ihre Quantifizierung
  • Vorbereitung auf empirische Masterarbeit

Turnus: Wintersemester

Prüfungsart: Projektarbeit

Bonuspunkte: keine

media of instruction

Powerpoint presentation, case studies, tutorial questions

Moodle Course Accounting and Management Control 1

literature / references

Anthony/Govindarajan: Management Control System. 12. ed. New York: McGrawHill, 2007.

evaluation of teaching