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subject properties Micro and nano sensor technology in major Master Micro- and Nanotechnologies 2016
subject number1455
examination number2100566
departmentDepartment of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
ID of group 2143 (Micro- and nanoelectronic Systems Group)
subject leaderProf. Dr. Martin Ziegler
term Wintersemester
credit points5
on-campus program (h)45
self-study (h)105
Obligationobligatory elective
examwritten examination performance, 90 minutes
details of the certificate
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maximum number of participants
previous knowledge and experience

Mathematics, Physics, Electrical Engineering, Electronics

learning outcome

Learn and understand basic processes for acquiring non-electrical quantities, the construction and function of key sensors and their technology

  • Introduction to sensor technology: transducer principles, sensor materials, manufacturing process;
  • Inertial sensors: acceleration sensors, gyroscopes;
  • Mechanical Sensors: Strain Gages, Piezoresistive Sensors;
  • Magnetic sensors: Hall effect sensors, anisotropic magnetoresistive sensors, giant magnetoresistive based sensors;
  • Temperature sensors: thermistors, thermocouples;
  • Infrared sensors: photon detectors, thermal sensors and arrays;
  • Atomic force microscopy sensors
media of instruction

Overhead projector, beamer, blackboard

literature / references

Veikko Lindroos, Markku Tilli, Ari Lehto, Teruaki Motooka: Handbook of Silicon Based MEMS Materials and Technologies; William Andrew (2010)

Julien W. Gardner, Vijay K. Varadan, Osama O. Awadelkarim: Microsensors MEMS and Smart Devices; Wiley (2001)

Kempe,Volker: Inertial MEMS: principles and practice; Cambridge University Press (2011)

Antonio Rogalski: Infrared Detectors; Taylor & Francis (2010)

Ricardo García: Amplitude Modulation Atomic Force Microscopy; Wiley-VCH (2010)

Ulrich Hilleringmann: Silizium-Halbleitertechnologie: Grundlagen mikroelektronischer Integrationstechnik; Springer (2019). Springer 1998 

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