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Course structure

On this page students can find information about their timetable, Ilmenau University of Technology's library and the E-Learning offers. Furthermore helpful information about the examination rules is listed.



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Every student creates his individual timetable. It's recommended to choose couses from the curriculum that sum up to 30 CP every semester. The lectures are offered once a year, either in winter or in summer term. They are listed in the "Vorlesungsverzeichnis" a few weeks before the start of a semester (please choose "Vorlesungsverzeichnis" and the referring semester on the left). The examination dates can be found on this page around two months before the start of the examination period as well. The selection of courses for the different modules can be found in the "Modultafeln". An outline of the English courses offered by the Media Production Group is given on the page Curriculum.

There are different types of lessons:

  • Vorlesung: lecture 
  • Übung: a seminar to practice and deepen the lecture's content
  • Praktikum: practical training, e.g. in the laboratory

To create the timetable there are these useful expressions:

  • KW: the calendar week when the lesson starts
  • G and UG: for lessons that take place either in even (G) or odd (UG) weeks referring to the calendar week
  • Sr: Seminarraum (seminar room)
  • Hs: Hörsaal (auditorium)

The following short terms are used for the most important buildings:

  • H: Helmholtzbau
  • K: Kirchhoffbau
  • LdV: Leonardo da Vinci Bau
  • Oe: Oeconomicum
  • EAZ: Ernst-Abbe-Zentrum
  • HU: Humboldt
  • C: Curie
  • Z: Zusebau

There are two campuses: Hans-Stamm-Campus and Georg-Schmidt-Technikum. They are around 15 minutes walk from each other. For more Information about their Location, the buildings and the rooms see the "Lageplan".

Library and E-Learning

Library and E-Learning

© TU Ilmenau/M. Reichel


The University Library is free for all students. Besides working places and computers for the students it offers a broad range of specialized literature. 


The learning platform Moodle is a forum for students and lecturers. It provides the course materials, an upload function for assignments, online courses and more. The login data is provided when registering at the university.

Examination Rules

Examination Rules

Registration for exams

The registration for exams is done electronically through the Thoska terminal at the Mensa or at the Rechenzentrum or, in special cases, by handing in a form at the examination office. There is no maximum number of students per exam. The enrollment has to be accomplished within a specific period called "Prüfungsanmeldung", which is published in the "Semestereckpunkte".

Examination period

There are two examination periods per semester, both after the lecture time. The first period is for courses offered during the semester, the second period for courses offered in the other semester. Both periods can be found in the "Semestereckpunkte".

Repitition of exams

After failing an exam there are two more possible repetitions. The first repetition is in the form of the original exam, the second repetition might be an oral exam. The deadline to repeat exams is 2 semesters. Missing this deadline causes an automatic fail for this exam. Failing a second repetition will yield the de-registration. For more information see the examination regulations.

Transfer of credit points

There is no general rule for the approval of credit points from different Master's programs. For the approval of individual lectures, the corresponding Professor's agreement and proof that you covered the material treated in his course is required.

Free trial and grade improvement

A grade improvement can be used to improve a grade of an exam that you already passed. Free trials can be used for failed exams. In total, four grade improvements and free trials can be applied during the master program. Media project and Master thesis are excluded from this regulation.