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The following topics may answer questions that may occur during the applicaton process.

Application Process

Are the deadlines for the application fixed? 

Yes. As we receive many applications we have to be strict regarding the deadlines. Depending on the number of applications it takes around 2 to 3 months to process them and another 2-3 months of processing time for the visa applications.

Can I hand in my application via e-mail?

No. Applications can only be handed in via the applicant portal.

What is the status of my application? 

You can check the status of your application in the applicant portal. After your application has been checked by the Academic Service Center and the program manager you will receive an email with the results and the decision about your acceptance.

In case your application arrives late or all seats are taken, we'll keep your application for next year's intake and contact you again via e-mail, to see whether you are still interested then.

Tution Fees

Does the university charge tution fees for the Master program?

There are no tution fees charged. The enrollment fee is currently approximately 120 EUR for the first semester and 100 EUR per semester for all following semesters, including a public transportation ticket.

After the regular program duration (4 semesters) + another 4 semesters, the university will charge you 500 EUR long term fees per semester.


What is needed to sign in the program after I arrived in Ilmenau?

You'll need: 

  • your passport
  • the admission letter
  • a proof that you transferred the semester fee
  • a confirmation for a health insurance

 A short term travel insurance does not cover your insurance obligation for the whole program. After your arrival you have to choose a health insurance here in Germany. The we4you network will provide you with more information at your arrival.

Language courses

Are there German classes offered by the university?

Yes, the university's language center offers all kinds of German classes. Furthermore, the International Office offers Summer German Courses.

Study financing

What are the costs of living in Ilmenau?

The estimated costs of living in Ilmenau are 660 Euros per month, including rent and food. For more information the the university's practical advises

Are there grants or scholarships offered by the university?

The university doesn't offer grants or financial support for the students. Information about scholarships can be found with the DAAD. Please note that the application deadlines for scholarships are very early. Different alternatives might be grants or scholarships offered by your country.

Can I work during my studies?

There is a broad offer of student jobs both at the university and in the city of Ilmenau. For restrictions given by the law see the practical advises.



For the visa I need a German bank account to deposit some money. How to arrange this?

To open an account you have to appear at the bank personally. One possible way is to go to a branch office of the "Deutsche Bank" in your country and open the account there.

I won't get my visa in time. Is it possible to join the program one or two weeks later?

Your admission is valid for one year. Within this year you can basically join at any time. You may be able to catch up the missed contents but there is no guarantee. For larger delays we recommend you to sign in the academic preparation course first and start your studies one year later.

The Visa process takes longer as expected. The embassy in my country is waiting for feedback from Ilmenau's foreign office.

Please double check directly with the "Ausländerbehörde" in Ilmenau what problems might have occurred. Usually, it is difficult to speed up those processes. Also from our side we are not able to speed up the visa process.




The following topics may answer questions that occur during the studies.

Holiday semester

In which cases can I take a holiday semester?

Due to important reasons up to 2 holiday semesters can be taken. Important reasons are:

  • Illness
  • An internship if it is not part of the study plan
  • A stay abroad due to studies (if it is not part of the study plan)
  • Military or civil service
  • Maternity/parental leave
  • Extensive work in the committees of the university
  • Familial reasons, e.g., sick family members who need more than 20 hours care per week. Doctor's certificate required

Before applying for a holiday semester we recommend you to double-check with the Ausländerbehörde regarding your visa regulations.

The latest date to apply for a holiday semester is the day before the registration period for the exams starts. In this case you can also apply for a refund of the semester fee. If you apply already during the registration period for the semester you don't have to pay the semester fee, but you also loose the student's casualty insurance and the train ticket then.

Which documents do I have to submit to the examination's office?

  • Form
  • Your Thoska card
  • Confirmation that the semester fees have been paid
  • Confirmation for the health insurance (in case the status is changed during the holiday semester)
  • Written statement for the holiday semester with the required confirmations for the reason (see above)

Please notice:

  • Holiday semesters are not counted in terms of your study duration
  • Only exams from previous semesters can be taken
  • Deadlines for repetitions are not extended by taking holiday semesters

Study duration

Is there a maximum study duration?

There's no general maximum study duration. The deadline to go take part in the exam of a subject is 4 semesters after the regular semester. E.g. a lecture from your second semester has to be written in your sixth semester at the latest. 

Are there long-term study fees ?

After the regular program duration (3 semesters) plus another 4 semesters, the university will charge you 500 EUR per semester.

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