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Further Information and Links

General information about the university and its courses can be found on the university's international website.

The offered services are listed below.

International Student Service

The International Student Service of TU-Ilmenau is committed to providing the most effective programs and services to enhance your learning experience and develop your full potential as a student. From one-on-one tutoring, a Learning Assistance Center, academic advising and career counseling, International Student Service is committed to helping students achieve success. On their website you can also find helpful information about your arrival and accomodation.

Website: International Student Service


The we4you support and service network ist part of the International Student Service. They offer a tutors program and organize many events during the semester. They assist you to accomplish formalities, answer your questions and establish contacts to important persons in charge.

Website: we4you


The ErstiWoche takes place in the beginning of each winter term. It's a week full of events like a welcome barbecue and a club rotation.

Website: ErstiWoche

Welcome Center

The Welcome Center's website will as well provide you with useful information about your arrival and stay in Ilmenau.

Website: Welcome Center