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Applied and Virtual Acoustics

Dr.-Ing. Thomas Sporer and Dr.-Ing. Sandra Brix


This is the web page for the course Applied and Virtual Acoustics. The course is for master students in the second semester. The course contains a lecture part with 2 SWS and a seminar with 1 SWS. The course has 3 ECTS credit points (Leistungspunkte) and therefore 90 hours expenditure. The lectures and the seminars cover 45 hours; 45 hours are homework and private study. The course is hold in English. 

The written exam is hold during the exam time at the end of the semester and takes 90 minutes. 

For more information have a look on the Moodle Course.

This course has relations to: Advanced Psychoacoustics, Audio Systems Technology, and Praxiswerkstatt-Hörtests. 

Please contact Annika Neidhardt if you have any questions.



Current Informations

This course is only at Winter Term

You can find some information from the winter term 2020/2021 here

Have a look at the Moodle Course and sign in!


The lectures will be held online on Mondays 17:00-18:30. The link for the Online-Event will be announced in Moodle. Please find the dates for the lectures here:

112.10.202042Overview, Wave equations 1Brix
219.10.202043Wave equations 2 Brix
326.10.202044Wave theory and room acousticsBrix
402.11.202045Multi-channel audio and WFSSporer
509.11.202046Psychoacoustics and AuralizationSporer
616.11.202047Room simulation 1Sporer
723.11.202048Room simulation 2Sporer/ Neidhardt
830.11.202049Binaural technology 1Neidhardt
907.12.202050Binaural technology 2Neidhardt

Microphone Arrays

Fischer/ Schneider- wind
1111.01.20213Loudspeakers 1Beer
1218.01.20214Loudspeakers 2Beer
1325.01.20215Noise and noise measurementBrix
1401.02.20216Building acousticsBrix



The seminars take place online or at the RTK2 or at Fraunhofer IDMT every second Wednesday at 11:00-12:30 in general! Please find the dates and room for the seminars here. Online-Events will be announced in Moodle.

WeekTopic and Room
121.10.202043Wave Equations (RTK2/online)Fischer
204.11.202045Wave field synthesis (IDMT 0.10)Zhykhar
318.11.202047Room acoustical parameters (RTK2/online)Neidhardt
402.12.202049Binaural recording (RTK2/online)Werner
516.12.202051Auralization (RTK2/online)Schneider-wind
-06.01.20211  - if required - 
620.01.20213Loudspeakers (IDMT 0.10/online)Beer
703.02.20215Noise and noise measurement (RTK2/online)tbd