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Audio Systems Technology

Dr.-Ing. Stephan Werner (acting head of group)


This is the web page for the course Audio System Technology. The course is for master students in the second semester. The course contains a lecture part with 2 SWS and a seminar with 1 SWS. The course has 4 ECTS credit points (Leistungspunkte) and therefore 120 hours expenditure. The lectures and the seminars cover 45 hours; 75 hours are homework and private study. The course is hold in English. The written exam is hold during the exam time at the end of the semester and takes 120 minutes.

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This course has relations to: Advanced Psychoacoustics, Applied and Virtual Acoustics.


### News ###

Due to the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic this course is offered as a hybrid course. This means that the lecture part will be held in on-site presence in the lecture hall, provided that sufficient space is available. In addition, the lecture part will be made available online as video transmission. The exercises will be conducted either as online offer or in on-site presence. 



Please contact Stephan Werner if you have any questions.



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  • Kahrs, M. and Brandenburg, K.: "Applications of Digital Signal Processing to Audio and Acoustics", Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1998.
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Current Informations

You can find some information for the winter term 2020/2021 here

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Lectures (in general Wednesday, 09:00-10:30; room: HU-Hs and Online)

Please find the dates for the lectures here:

114.10.202042motivation and organisationWerner
221.10.202043A/D Conversion and AmplifiersKlein
328.10.202044Audio Signal Processing (STFT, SR Conversion, Filters)Klein
404.11.202045Sound manipulations and synthesisKlein
511.11.202046Real-Time Convolution StrategiesKlein
618.11.202047Demos at the Listening Lab
725.11.202048Machine Listening I - Audio RepresentationAbeßer
802.12.202049Machine Listening II - Machine LearningAbeßer
909.12.202050Machine Listening III - Music Information RetrievalAbeßer
1016.12.202051Machine Listening IV - Environmental Sound RecognitionAbeßer
1106.01.20211frequency response equalizationWerner
1213.01.20212Demos at the Listening Lab
1320.01.20213hearables I - basicsHarczos
1427.01.20214hearables II - applicationsHarczos
1503.02.20215up-to-date research topicsdiverse


Excercise (in general Friday 16:45-18:15; room: Online or RTK2)

Please find the dates here:

130.10.202044Filters in applicationWerner
213.11.202046Real-Time Convolution StrategiesKlein
327.11.202048Machine Listening IAbeßer
411.12.202050Machine Listening IIAbeßer
515.01.20212Machine Listening IIIAbeßer
705.02.20215exam preparationWerner