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Forschungsseminar Audiovisuelle Technik

Lehrverantwortlicher: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alexander Raake


Die Studierenden lernen, sich in ein aktuelles Forschungsthema einzuarbeiten. Sie erwerben die Fähigkeit, mit Originalliteratur zu arbeiten. Sie lernen Experimente und Tests zu planen und zu realisieren. Bei diesem Prozess werden sie von Mitarbeitern begleitet.

Es werden aktuelle medientechnische Probleme in Form von Projekten und Seminaren bearbeitet.

Im Ergebnis wird eine schriftliche Ausarbeitung erwartet, die den Stand der Technik darstellt und die eigenen Messungen dokumentiert und analysiert.

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Course Abstract

This course is oriented to guide students to prepare and conduct research-based projects with a concrete and practical focus on the field of Media Technologies. Projects or topics will be assigned to students from different backgrounds and level of technical expertise.  All the topics have a flexible scope, the scope can be adapted in function if they shall be developed for a single student, by estimating a workload of approximately 150 hours. Projects can also be developed as a work team, estimating a combined workload for 3 or 4 students.

The topics were designed to involve into the methodological process of aquiring and stablishing a theoretical framework and a state of art within a concrete field, to envision and embody ideas to approach problems, and deploy suitable assessments on those developed concepts. hence, the topics have a creativity component which gives the opportunity to the student to develop ideas with an interesting level of freedom. Proposed projects have a workspace to conduct experiments to validate those assumtions arisen during the development, this validation part is also relevant within the considered research process.

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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alexander Raake

M.Sc. Mauro Avila Soto