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Video Coding

Lehrverantwortlicher: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gerald Schuller


All slides will be in english, the presentation will be in english or german (as needed), such that it can be attended by international students.

Principles of video coding:

  • 2-D und 3-D signal processing (2-D z-transform, 2-D filter banks and Wavelets, also 3-D for motion compensation)
  • Motion estimation and compensation
  • Prediction
  • Psycho-Optical effects (CSF, motion blurring...), application in coding
  • Video coding standards (MPEG, H.264...).

Lecture Slides

Lecture 1: Introduction
Lecture 2: Irrelevance Reduction,
Redundancy Reduction
Lecture 3: 2D z-Transform, 2D filters
Lecture 4: Psycho-Optics, Irrelevance,
Lecture 5: Synthesis Tramsform
Lecture 6: Motion compensation
Lecture 7: Motion estimation and prediction
Lecture 8: Optimum Transforms, KLT
Lecture 9: Integer DCT of H.264, coding gain
Lecture 10: Wavelets
Lecture 11: Further tools in H.264
Lecture 12: Quality Measurements
Lecture 13: H.265/HEVC tools
Lecture 14: Interpolation
Lecture 15: Stereo and 3-D Video Coding


Additional Information:

  • Python programs for the lectures, together with python notebook files: Examples
12. April 2016: Homework 1
03. May 2016: Homework 2 PDF
19. May 2016: Homework 3PDF
31. May 2016: Homework 4PDF
14. June 2016: Homework 5PDF

Summer Semester 2019

First lecture: 1-st of April 2019

First seminar: 2-nd of April 2019


Lectures 2019:

Given by: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Schuller

Monday13:00 - 14:30HU 013


Practice Lessons 2019:

Given by: M.Sc. Oleg Golokolenko

Tuesday ( even weeks, biweekly )15:00 - 16:30HU 204



We will use the system Moodle for
information and teaching documents exchange, at:


Exam: written, 90 minutes.



There will be periodic homework assignments, which will count 30% towards the final grade.

You may form small groups (2-3 people) to solve the homework and deliver a single solution for the whole group. Please present your homework in a digital form (e.g. source code on a flash storage device or laptop with python running).



Khalid Sayood, "Introduction to data compression", Morgan Kaufmann, 2005
Alan C. Bovik, "The Essential Guide To Image Processing", Academic Press, 2009
I. E. G. Richardson, "Video Codec Design", John Wiley & Sons Ltd., West Sussex, 2007