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Fachgebiet(e): IDMT

Thema Nr.: 2015/8, erstellt am: 02.02.2015

Integration of delay lines sound reinforcement in multichannel 3D audio systems for open air venues.

Thanks to the „SpatialSound Wave“ (SSW) audio system developed at Fraunhofer IDMT, it is possible to distribute audio objects in a 3D space creating an inmersive acoustic scene. The system has been used for open air shows as well as installed in closed environment such as demo-rooms, planetariums or studios. This media project deals with the upgrade of the classical SSW ring installation for big open air venues.

The aim of this media project is to enhance the listening experience of large audiences by integrating delay lines in the SSW system. To make it suitable for fix, as well as rental installations, the configuration of the delay lines should be automatized and integrated into the existing infrastructure. To achieve this, the program should be able to transfer the results to the SSW which applies the necessary gain and delay to each loudspeaker. The visualization and control of the configuration procedure should be integrated into the existing GUI infrastructure.

The following tasks are planned to be realized in the project:

  • Analysis of previous open air projects

  • Get familiar with existing GUI and signal processing infrastructure

  • Development of the audio processing and simulation modules to automatize the configuration process

  • Development of a GUI to visualize and control the configuration process, as well as to transfer the results to SSW

  • Evaluation of the developed system

Qualification required for this media project:

  • Interest in 3D audio reproduction and Professional Audio system

  • Interest in audio signal processing

  • Programming in Python/Matlab (delay lines configuration algorithm)

  • Programming in HTML5+JS (GUI)

The outcomes of the media project are a functional program to automatize the configuration of delay lines integrated in the SSW system and the documentation as a scientific treatise in German or English.

verantwortlicher Hochschullehrer:

Karlheinz Brandenburg


Javier Frutos-Bonilla


Javier Frutos-Bonilla
Tobias Gehlhaar

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