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Prof. Dr. Yong Lei


Telefon 03677 69-3748

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Prof. Dr. Yong Lei

Prof. Dr. Yong Lei

Group Leader 

Room: Unterpoerlitzer Straße 38 (Heisenbergbau)

Tel: 03677/69 3748



Education and Academic Appointments

1987 - 1991       Bachelor, Department of Physics, Sun-Yat-sen University, Guangzhou, China

1996 - 2001       PhD, Institute of Solid State Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China;

2001 - 2003       SMA (Singapore-MIT Alliance) Research Fellow, National University of Singapore, Singapore

2003 - 2006       Alexander von Humboldt Fellow and Research Scientist, Institute of Nanotechnology, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany

2006 - 2009       Group Leader, Institute of Materials Physics and Center for Nanotechnology, University of Muenster

2009 - 2011       Junior Professor, Institute of Materials Physics & Center for Nanotechnology, University of Muenster

2011 - now        University Professor, Head (Fachgebietsleiter) of the group of Three-Dimensional Nanostructuring (Fachgebiet 3D-Nanostrukturierung), Institute of Physics, Faculty of Mathematics and Nature Sciences, Ilmenau University of Technology (Technische Universität Ilmenau).

Awards and Honours

2003      Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship

2005      The first prize of the best research in the 6th Conference of the NanoMat Network

2008      Young Scientist Prize 2008 of the University of Muensterer (Nachwuchsforscherpreis des Förderkreises 2008 der WWU)

2009      ERC (European Research Council) Starting Grant (1.4 million Euros)

Recognition of my research and contributions

1) Research reputation in the fields of surface nano-patterning and nanostructuring, and one of the leading experts of the UTAM nano-patterning technique and research.

2) Have authored 150 papers in SCI-indexed (Web of Science) journals, 1 paper in collective volumes, 70 contributions in conference proceedings, and 2 patents, in the fields of surface nano-patterning, 1D and 3D nanostructuring, energy-related and optoelectronic devices. Many of the SCI-indexed papers are published in first-class scientific journals in physics, chemistry and materials science, including 1 paper published in a journal with impact factor of 35.267, 1 paper published in a journal with impact factor of 34.090, 1 paper published in a journal with impact factor of 31.083, 2 paper published in a journal with impact factor of 25.427, 43 papers published in journals with impact factor between 10-20, 43 papers published in journals with impact factor between 5-10, and 28 papers published in journals with impact factor between 3-5.

3) High citations: according to the ISI (Web of Science) database (ResearcherID: A-7950-2012), all the papers have been cited for 5701 times (H-Index 38); 7081 citations (H-index 44) according to the Google Scholar.

4) In 2009, obtained the highly prestigious funding (ERC Starting Grant) from the European Research Council (ERC). This is the first time for the University of Muenster to win this ERC funding. The purpose of this highly competitive funding program is to support leading young scientists to build an independent research group within European countries. About 1.4 million Euros is granted from ERC to the project and my ERC group. 

In 2011, received an invitation from the European Commission to attend the EU-China Science and Technology Week in World Expo 2010 Shanghai, and gave two invited talks as a Star European Project Awardee in Section 4 (Europe for Researchers - Funding top talent from around the world) and Press Briefing Program 8 (European Union Research – ERC Boosting Frontier Research):



5) Won the Young Scientist Prize 2008 of University of Muenster (Nachwuchsforscherpreis 2008 der WWU). This is an important research prizes in the University of Muenster. The prize winner is selected from excellent young scientists (mainly young professors and group leaders) in the university based on the research excellences.

6) In 2011, obtained a large research project from BMBF (Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung, Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Gemrany) under the program ‘Zentren für Innovationskompetenz’. The total grant of this project is about 2.68 million Euros for 5 years to my group.

7) Obtained other two research fundings as project leaders, one from DFG as a project within a Transregio Program in 2008, another from Volkswagen Foundation in 2009.

8) Awarded the First Prize of the Best Research in the 6th Conference of the NanoMat Net-work, this is a prize from the NanoMat to the original scientific findings in the field of nanotechnology.

Publications in SCI-indexed scientific journals:

For details visit Lei’s group website: