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So far we have authored 144 papers in SCI-indexed (Web of Science) journals, 1 paper in collective volumes, 90 contributions in conference proceedings, and 2 patents. According to the ISI (Web of Science) database (my Researcher ID: A-7950-2012), all the papers have been cited for 5246 times (H-Index 34); 6384 citations (H-index 38) according to the Google Scholar.

Many of the SCI-indexed papers are published in first-class scientific journals in physics, chemistry and materials science, including 44 paper published in journals with impact factor higher than 10, 46 papers published in journals with impact factor between 5-10, and 27 papers published in journals with impact factor between 3-5.

Year 2017

1. Wen L.Y., Xu R., Mi Y., Lei Y.*, Multiple nanostructures based on anodized aluminium oxide templatesNature Nanotechnology (Impact factor 38.986)12, 244–250, 2017.

Most read article in Dec. 2016 (1st place), Jan. 2017 (2nd place), and Mar. 2017 (1st place):

2.  Yue S.Z., Liu K., Xu R., Li M.C., Azam M., Ren K.K., Liu J., Sun Y., Wang Z.J.*, Cao D.W., Yan X.H., Qu S.C.*, Lei Y.*, Wang Z.G., ‘Efficacious engineering on charge extraction for realizing high-efficient perovskite solar cells’, Energy & Environmental Science (Impact factor 29.518), accepted and in press (DOI: 10.1039/C7EE02685D), 2017.


3. Xu Y., Zhou M., Lei Y.*, ‘Organic materials for rechargeable sodium-ion batteries’, Materials Today (Impact factor 21.695) (invited review article), accepted and in press, 2017.


4. Zhu F.F., Yan M., Liu Y.*, Shen H., Lei Y., Shi W.D.*, ‘Hexagonal prism-like hierarchical Co9S8@Ni(OH)2 core-shell nanotubes on carbon fibers for high-performance asymmetric supercapacitors’, Journal of Materials Chemistry A (Impact factor 8.867), 5, 22782-22789, 2017.

5. Xu R., Wen L.Y., Wang Z.J., Zhao H.P., Xu S.P., Mi Y., Xu Y., Sommerfeld M., Fang Y.G., Lei Y.*, ‘Three-dimensional plasmonic nanostructure design for boosting photoelectrochemical activity’, ACS Nano (Impact factor 13.942), 11, 7382-7389, 2017.


6. Liu L., Zhao H.P.*, Wang Y., Fang Y.G., Xie J.L., Lei Y.*, ‘Evaluating the role of nanostructured current collectors in energy storage capability of supercapacitor electrodes with thick electroactive materials layer’, Advanced Functional Materials (Impact factor 12.124), accepted and in press (DOI: 10.1002/adfm.201705107), 2017.

7. Liu L., Hou H.L., Wang L., Xu R., Lei Y., Shen S.H., Yang D.J.*, Yang W.Y.*, ‘Transparent CdS@TiO2 nanotextile photoanode with boosted photoelectrocatalytic efficiency and stability’, Nanoscale (Impact factor 7.367), accepted and in press (doi: 10.1039/C7NR05658C), 2017.

8. Xu Y., Zhou M., Zhang C.L., Wang C.L., Liang L.Y., Fang Y.G., Wu M.H.; Cheng L., Lei Y.*, ‘Oxygen vacancies: effective strategy to boost sodium storage of amorphous electrode materials’, Nano Energy (Impact factor 12.343), 38, 304-312, 2017.

9. Zhao H.P., Liu L., Vellacheri R., Lei Y.*,  ‘Recent advances in designing and fabricating self-supported nanoelectrodes for supercapacitors’,  Advanced Science (Impact factor 9.034) (Invited review article), 4 (10), 1700188, 2017.

10. Yue S.Z., Lu S.D., Ren K.K., Liu K., Azam M., Cao D.W., Wang Z.J.*, Lei Y.*, Qu S.C.*, Wang Z.G., 'Insights into the influence of work functions of cathodes on efficiencies of perovskite solar cells’,  Small (Impact factor 8.643), 13 (19), 1700007,2017.

11. Vellacheri R., Zhao H.P., Mühlstädt M., Al-Haddad A., Jandt K.D., Lei Y.*, ‘Rationally engineered electrodes for high-performance solid-state cable-type supercapacitor’, Advanced Functional Materials (Impact factor 12.124), 27, 1606696, 2017.

12. Liang L.Y., Xu Y., Wen L.Y., Li Y.L., Zhou M., Wang C.L., Zhao H.P., Kaiser U., Lei Y.*, ‘Hierarchical Sb-Ni nanoarrays as robust binder-free anodes for high-performance sodium-ion half cells and full Cells’, Nano Research (Impact factor 7.354), 10 (9), 3189-32012017.

13. Zhou M., Xu Y., Wang C.L., Li Q.W., Xiang J.X., Liang L.Y., Zhao H.P., Wu M.H., Lei Y.*, ‘Amorphous TiO2 inverse opal anode for high-rate sodium ion batteries’, Nano Energy (Impact factor 12.343), 31,  514-524, 2017.

14. Zhang C.L., Xu Y., Zhou M., Liang L.Y., Dong H.S., Wu M.H., Yang Y., Lei Y.*, Potassium prussian blue nanoparticles: a low-cost cathode material for potassium-ion batteries’, Advanced Functional Materials (Impact factor 12.124) (back cover), 27 (4), 1604307, 2017.

15. Liang L.Y., Xu Y., Li Y.L., Dong H.S., Zhou M., Zhao H.P., Kasier U., Lei Y.*, ‘Facile synthesis of hierarchical fern leaf-like Sb and its application as additive-free anode for fast reversible Na-ion storage’, Journal of Materials Chemistry A (Impact factor 8.867), 5, 1749-1755, 2017.

16. Gu Y., Jiao Z., Wu M.H., Luo B., Lei Y., Wang Y., Wang L.Z.*, Zhang H.J.*, ‘Construction of point-line-plane (0-1-2 dimensional) Fe2O3-SnO2/graphene hybrids as the anodes with excellent lithium storage capability’, Nano Research (Impact factor 7.354), 10 (1), 121-1332017.

17. Wu M.H., Wang Y.X., Xu Y.,  Ming J., Zhou M.*, Xu R., Fu Q., Lei Y.*, ‘Self-supported Bi2MoO6 nanowall for photoelectrochemical water splitting’, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces (Impact factor 7.504), 9 (28), 23647-23653, 2017.

18. Wang Y.L., Yao C.J., Ding L., Li C.C., Wang J., Wu M.H.*, Lei Y.*, ‘Enhancement of the Immune Function by Titanium Dioxide Nanorods and Their Application in Cancer Immunotherapy’, Journal of Biomedical Nanotechnology (Impact factor 4.521), 13 (4), 367-380, 2017.

19. Tarish S., Xu Y., Wang Z.J., Mate F., Al-haddad A., Wang W.X., Lei Y.*, ‘Highly efficient biosensors by using well-ordered ZnO/ZnS core/shell nanotube arrays’, Nanotechnology (Impact factor 3.440), 7, 29464-29468, 2017. 

20. Wang H., Wang S.G., Kan J.J., Deng X.Y., Wang W.C.*, Wu M.H.*, Lei Y.*, ‘Low voltage driven surface micro-flow by Joule heating’, RSC Advances (Impact factor 3.108),  7, 29464-29468, 2017.

21. Fu Q., Miao L.K., Lei Y.*, ‘Efficient SERS substrate fabricated by simple aluminum pits template’, Materials Science Forum, 896, 26-31, 2017.

Year 2016

1.       Lei Y.*, ‘Functional Nanostructuring for Efficient Energy Conversion and Storage’, Advanced Energy Materials (Impact factor 16.721, Invited Editorial), 6, 1600461, 2016.

2.      Wang Z.J., Cao D.W., Wen L.Y., Xu R., Obergfell M., Mi Y., Zhan Z.B., Nasori, Demsar J., Lei Y.*, ‘Manipulation of charge transfer and transport in nano-Au/PZT hybrids for photoelectrochemical applications’, Nature Communications (impact factor 12.124)7, 10348 (doi:10.1038/ncomms10348), 2016.


3.      Mi Y., Wen L.Y., Wang Z.J., Cao D.W., Xu R., Fang Y.G., Zhou Y.L., Lei Y.*Fe(III) modified BiOCl ultrathin nanosheet towards high-efficient visible-light photocatalyst’, Nano Energy (Impact factor 12.343) 30, 109-117, 2016.

4.      Wang C.L., Jiang C., Xu Y., Liang L.Y., Zhou M., Jiang J.J., Singh S., Zhao H.P., Schober A., Lei Y.*, ‘A selectively permeable membrane for enhancing cyclability of organic sodium-ion batteries’, Advanced Materials (Impact factor 19.791), 28 (41), 9182–91872016.

5.     Wen L.Y., Zhou M., Wang. C.L., Mi Y., Lei Y.*, ‘Nanoengineering energy conversion and storage devices via atomic layer deposition’, Advanced Energy Materials (Impact factor 16.721), (front cover), 6, 1600468, 2016.

(This work has recently been highlighted at MaterialsViewsChina)

6.      Li. H.H., Xie M.L., Cui C.H., He D., Gong M., Jiang J., Zheng Y.R. , Chen G.Lei Y.Yu S.H.*, ‘Surface Charge Polarization at the Interface: Enhancing the Oxygen Reduction via Precise Synthesis of Heterogeneous Ultrathin Pt/PtTe Nanowire’, Chemistry of Materials (Impact factor 9.466),  28 (24), 8890–8898, 2016.

7.     Al-Haddad A., Wang Z.J., Zhou M., Tarish S., Vellacheri R., Lei Y.*, ‘Constructing well-ordered CdTe/TiO2 core/shell nanowire arrays for solar energy conversion’, Small (Impact factor 8.643), 12 (40), 5538–5542, 2016.

8.       Al-Haddad A., Wang C.L., Qi H.Y., Grote F., Wen L.Y., Bernhard J., Vellacheri R., Tarish S., Nabi G., Kaiser U., Lei Y.*, ‘Memory Arrays with Ultralow Power Consumption and Ultrahigh Density’, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces (Impact factor 7.504), 8, 23348–23355, 2016.

9.      Cao D.W., Nasori N., Wang Z.J., Wen L.Y., Xu R., Mi Y., Yong Lei Y.*, ‘Facile Surface Treatment on Cu2O Photocathodes for Enhancing the Photoelectrochemical Response’, Applied Catalysis B: Environmental (Impact factor 9.446), 198, 398-403,  2016.

10.     Zhou M., Xu Y., Xiang J.X., Wang C.L., Liang L.Y., Fang Y.G., Wen L.Y., Mi Y., Lei Y.*, ‘Understanding the Orderliness of Atomic Arrangement towards Enhanced Sodium Storage’, Advanced Energy Materials (Impact factor 16.721), (back cover), 6, 1600448, 2016.


11.      Gu Y., Jiao Z., Wu M.H., Luo B., Lei Y., Wang Y., Wang L.Z.*, Zhang H.J.*, ‘Construction of point-line-plane (0-1-2 dimensional) Fe2O3-SnO2/graphene hybrids as the anodes with excellent lithium storage capability’, Nano Research (Impact factor 7.354) 10 (1), 121-133, 2017.

12.      Xiong X.H., Zhao B.T., Ding D., Chen D.C., Yang C.H.*, Lei Y.Liu M.L.*, ‘One-step synthesis of architectural Ni3S2 nanosheet-on-nanorods array as high-performance electrodes for supercapacitorsNPG Asia Materials (Impact factor 9.157), 8, e300 (DOI:10.1038/am.2016.126), 2016.

13.      Xu J., Xin S., Liu J.W.*, Wang J.L., Lei Y., Yu S.H.*, ‘Elastic carbon nanotube aerogel meets tellurium nanowires: a binder and collector free electrode for Li–Te batteries’, Advanced Functional Materials (Impact factor 12.124)26, 3580–3588, 2016.

14.       Xu Y., Zhou M., Lei Y.*, ‘Nanoarchitectured Array Electrodes for Rechargeable Lithium- and Sodium-ion Batteries’, Advanced Energy Materials (Impact factor 16.721) (invited review article and front cover), 6 (7), DOI: 10.1002/aenm.201502514, 2016.

15.     Zhan Z.B., Xu R., Zheng X.Z., Fu Q., Wu M.H., Lei Y.*, ‘Effective approach to strengthen plasmon resonance localized on top surfaces of Ag nanoparticles and application in surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy’, Nanotechnology (Impact factor 3.440), 27 (44), 445301, 2016.

16.      Wang Z.J., Cao D.W., Xu R., S.C. Qu, Wang Z.G., Lei Y.*, ‘Realizing ordered arrays of nanostructures: a versatile platform for converting and storing energy efficiently’, Nano Energy (Impact factor 12.343) (invited review article), 19, 328–362, 2016.

17.     Wang C.L., Fang Y.G., Xu Y., Liang L.Y., Zhou M, Zhao H.P., Lei Y.*, 'Manipulation of Disodium Rhodizonate: Factors for Fast-Charge and Fast-Discharge Sodium-Ion Batteries with Long-Term Cyclability', Advanced Functional Materials (Impact factor 12.124), 26, 1777–1786, 2016.


18.      Mi Y., Wen L.Y., Xu R., Wang Z.J., Cao D.W., Fang Y.G., Lei Y.*, 'Constructing AZO/TiO2 core/shell nanocone array with uniformly dispersed Au NPs for enhancing photoelectrochemical water splitting', Advanced Energy Materials (Impact factor 16.721), (back cover), 6 (1), 1501496, 2016.

(This work has recently been highlighted at MaterialsViewsChina)


19.     Tan F.R., Wang Z.J., Qu S.C., Cao D.W., Liu K., Jiang Q.W., Yang Y., Pang S.*, Zhang W.F.*, Lei Y.*, Wang Z.G., ‘CdSe thin film: a versatile buffer layer for improving performance of TiO2 nanorod array: PbS quantum dot solar cells’, Nanoscale (Impact factor 7.367), 8, 10198-10204, 2016


20.     Cao D.W., Nasori N., Wang Z.J.*, Mi Y., Wen L.Y., Yang Y., Qu S.C., Wang Z.G., Lei Y.*, ‘P-type CuBi2O4: an Easily Accessible Photocathodic Material for High-efficient Water Splitting’, Journal of Materials Chemistry A (Impact factor 8.867),  4, 8995-9001, 2016.


21.     Zhang K., Deng X.Y., Fu Q., Meng Y., Zhao H.P., Wang W.C.*, Wu M.H.*, Lei Y.*, ‘Photolithography Compatible Templated Patterning of Functional Organic Materials in Emulsion’, Advanced Science (Impact factor 9.034), 3(5), 1500304, 2016.

22.     Vellacheri R., Zhao H.P., Mühlstädt M., Ming J., Al-Haddad A., Wu M.H., Jandt K.D., Lei Y.*, ‘All-solid-state cable-type supercapacitors with ultra-high rate capability’, Advanced Materials Technologies 1 (1),  (DOI: 10.1002/admt.201600012), 2016

23.     Gu L.B., Zhang H.J.*Jiao Z., Li M.J., Wu M.H., Lei Y.*, ‘Glucosamine-induced growth of highly distributed TiO2 nanoparticles on graphenenanosheets as high-performance photocatalystsRSC Advances (Impact factor 3.108), 6, 67039-67048, 2016.

24.     Tarish S., Al-Haddad A., Xu R., Cao D.W., Wang Z.J.*, Qu S., Nabi G., Lei Y.*, ‘The shift of optical absorption band edge of ZnO/ZnS core/shell nanotube arrays beyond quantum effects’, Journal of Materials Chemistry C (Impact factor 5.256), 4, 1369-1374, 2016.

25.      Mi Y., Wen L.Y., Zhao H.P., Zhou Y.L., Grote F., Lei Y.*, ‘Ultra-low mass loading of platinum nanoparticles on bacterial cellulose derived carbon nanofibers for efficient hydrogen evolution’, Catalysis Today (Impact factor 4.636), 262, 141-145, 2016.

26.      Molinari A., D’Amico F., Calizzi M., Hahn H., Zheng Y., Lei Y., Boelsma C., Mooij L., Dam B., Pasquini L.*, 'Interface and strain effects on the H-sorption thermodynamics of size-selected Mg nanodots', International Journal of Hydrogen Energy (Impact factor 3.582), in press, 2016.

27.      Zheng X.Z.,Fu Q., Guo H.S., Wu M.H., Lei Y.*, ‘Sensitive and reproducible nanogap SERS substrates for glucose biosensing’,Nanomedicine-Nanotechnology Biology and Medicine (Impact factor 5.720), 12 (2), 552, 2016.

28.      Muller J., Hannappel T., Hoffmann M., Jacobs H.O., Lei Y., Rangelow I.W., Schaaf P., ‘Application of nanostructuring, nanomaterials and micro-nano-integration for improved components and system's performance’, 2016 Pan Pacific Microelectronics Symposium (Pan Pacific), 10 pp., DOI: 10.1109/PanPacific.2016.7428387, 2016.

 Year 2015

1.      Zhan Z.B., Grote F., Wang Z.J., Xu R., Lei Y.*, 'Degenerating Plasmonic Modes to Enhance the Performance of Surface Plasmon Resonance for Application in Solar Energy Conversion', Advanced Energy Materials (Impact factor 16.721), 5 (24), 1501654, 2015.

2.      Singh S., Friedel K., Himmerlich M., Lei Y., Schlingloff G., Schober A.*, ‘Spatiotemporal Photopatterning on Polycarbonate Surface Through Visible Light Photoswitchable DASA Compounds’, ACS Macro Letters (Impact factor 6.185), 4(11), 1273-1277, 2015.

3.      Chi D., Lu S.D., Xu R., Liu K., Cao D.W., Wen L.Y., Mi Y., Wang Z.J.*, Lei Y.*, Qu S.C.*, Wang Z.G., ‘Fully understanding the positive roles of plasmonic nanoparticles in ameliorating the efficiency of organic solar cells’, Nanoscale (Impact factor 7.367), 7, 15251-15257, 2015.

4.      Liang L.Y., Xu Y., Wang C.L., Wen L.Y., Fang Y.G., Mi Y., Zhou M., Zhao H.P., Lei Y.*, ‘Large-scale Highly Ordered Sb Nanorod Arrays Anode with High Capacity and Rate Capability for Sodium-Ion Batteries’, Energy & Environmental Science (Impact factor 29.518), 8, 2954-2962, 2015. (was selected as the inside back cover)

5.     Al-Haddad A., Zhan Z.B., Wang C.L., Tarish S., Vellacheria R., Lei Y.*, ‘Facile Transferring of Wafer-Scale Ultrathin Alumina Membranes onto Substrates for Nanostructure Patterning’, ACS Nano (Impact factor 13.942), 9(8), 8584-8591, 2015

6.     Grote F., Yu Z.Y., Wang J.L., Yu S.H.*, Lei Y.*, ‘Self-stacked reduced graphene oxide nanosheets coated with cobalt-nickel hydroxide by one-step electrochemical deposition towards flexible electrochromic supercapacitors’, Small (Impact factor 8.643), 11, 4666–4672, 2015.

(This work has recently been highlighted at MaterialsViewsChina)


7.     Xu Y., Zhou M., Wang X., Wang C.L., Liang L.Y., Grote F., Wu M.H., Mi.Y., Lei Y.*, ‘Enhancement of sodium ion battery performance enabled by oxygen vacancies’, Angewandte Chemie International Edition (impact factor 11.994), 54(30), 8768-8771, 2015

8.      Wen L.Y., Wang Z.J., Mi Y., Xu R., Yu S.H.*, Lei Y.*, ‘Designing heterogeneous 1D nanostructure arrays based on AAO template for energy applications’, Small (impact factor 8.643), was selected as the frontispiece, 11, 3408-3428, 2015. (Invited review)

9.     Al-Haddad A., Wang Z.J., Xu R., Qi H.Y., Vellacheri R., Kaiser U., Lei Y.*, ‘Dimensional dependence of optical absorption band edge of TiO2 nanotube arrays beyond quantum effect’, Journal of Physical Chemistry C (Impact factor 4.536), 119 (28), 16331–16337, 2015.

10.      Zhao H.P., Zhou M., Wen L.Y., Lei Y.*, ‘Template-Directed Construction of Nanostructure Arrays for Highly-Efficient Energy Storage and Conversion’, Nano Energy (impact factor 12.343) (invited review article), 13, 790–813, 2015

11.      Liang L.Y., Xu Y., Wang X., Wang C.H., Zhou M., Fu Q., Wu M.H., Lei Y.*, ‘Intertwined Cu3V2O7(OH)2*2H2O nanowires/carbon fibers composite: a new anode with high rate capability for sodium-ion batteries’, Journal of Power Sources (Impact factor 6.395), 294, 193–200, 2015.

12.      Xu Y., Zhou M., Wen L.Y., Wang C.L., Zhao H.P., Mi Y., Liang L.Y., Fu Q., Wu M.H., Lei Y.*,‘Highly ordered three-dimensional Ni-TiO2 nanoarrays as sodium ion battery anodes’, Chemistry of Materials (impact factor 9.466), 27 (12), 4274-4280, 2015.

Top 20 most downloaded articles of the journal for June 2015:

13.      Mi Y., Wen L.Y., Wang Z.J., Cao D.W., Fang Y.G., Lei Y.*, ‘Building of Anti-Restack 3D BiOCl Hierarchitecture by Ultrathin Nanosheets towards Enhanced Photocatalytic Activity’, Applied Catalysis B: Environmental (impact factor 9.446), 176-177, 331–337, 2015.


14.       Fu Q., Zhan Z.B., Dou J.X., Zheng X.Z., Xu R., Wu M.H.*, Lei Y.*, ‘Highly Reproducible and Ultra-Sensitive SERS Substrates with Ag Inter-Nanoparticle Gaps of 5-nm Fabricated by UTAM Technique’ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces (impact factor 7.504), 7 (24), 13322–13328, 2015.

15.      Zhan Z.B., Xu R., Mi Y., Zhao H.P., Lei Y.*, ‘Highly Controllable Surface Plasmon Resonance Property by Heights of Ordered Nanoparticle Arrays Fabricated via a Nonlithographic Route’, ACS Nano (impact factor 13.942), 9, 4583–4590, 2015.

16.       Liu X.J., Cui C.H., Li H.H., Lei Y., Zhuang T.T., Sun M., Arshad M.N., Albar H.A., Sobahi T.R., Yu S.H.*, ‘Hollow ternary PtPdCu nanoparticles: a superior and durable cathodic electrocatalyst’, Chemical Science (Impact factor 8.668), 6, 3038-3043, 2015.

17.       Wang C.L., Xu Y., Fang Y.G., Zhou M., Liang L.Y, Singh S., Zhao H.P., Schober A., Lei Y.*, ‘Extended π-Conjugated System for Fast-Charge and -Discharge Sodium-Ion Batteries’, Journal of the American Chemical Society (impact factor 13.858), 137(8), 3124–3130, 2015.

(This work has recently been highlighted at

18.       Grote F., Zhao H.P., Lei Y.*, ‘Self-supported carbon coated TiN nanotube arrays: Innovative carbon coating leads to improved cycling ability for supercapacitor applications’, Journal of Materials Chemistry A (impact factor 8.867), 3, 3465-3470, 2015.

19.       Samar T., Wang Z.J., Al-Haddad A., Wang C.L., Ispas A., Romanus H., Schaaf P., Lei Y.*, ‘Synchronous Formation of ZnO/ZnS Core/Shell Nanotube Arrays with Removal of Template for Meliorating Photoelectronic Performance’, Journal of Physical Chemistry C (impact factor 4.536), 119, 1575−1582, 2015.

20.       Fu Q., Wong K.M., Zhou Y., Wu M.H.*, Lei Y.*, ‘Cost-effective fabrication of Ni/Au hybrid nanoparticle arrays for highly efficient and stable SERS substrate’, RSC Advances (impact factor 3.108), 5, 6172–6180, 2015.

21.      Singh S.*, Lei Y., Schober A., ‘Direct extraction of carbonyl from waste polycarbonate with amines under environment friendly conditions: scope of waste polycarbonate as carbonylating agent in organic synthesis’, RSC Advances (impact factor 3.108), 5, 3454-3460, 2015. 

 Year 2014 

1.       Zhao H.P., Wang C.L., Vellacheri R., Zhou M., Xu Y., Fu Q., Wu M.H., Grote F., Lei Y.*, Self-Supported Metallic Nanopore Arrays with Highly-Oriented Nanoporous Structure as Ideally Nanostructured Electrode for Supercapacitor Application’, Advanced Materials (impact factor 19.791)26: 7654–7659, 2014.

2.       Grote F., Lei Y.*, ‘A complete three-dimensionally nanostructured asymmetric supercapacitor with high operating voltage window based on PPy and MnO2’, Nano Energy (impact factor 12.343), 10, 63-70, 2014. (cover page of the issue 10, Nano Energy, 2014)


3.       Cao D.W., Wang Z.J. , Nasori, Wen L.Y., Mi Y., Lei Y.*, ‘Switchable Charge-Transfer in the Photoelectrochemical Energy-Conversion Process of Ferroelectric BiFeO3 Photoelectrodes’, Angewandte Chemie International Edition (impact factor 11.994), 53, 11027-11031, 2014

4.       Zhou M., Bao J., Xu Y., Zhang J.J., Xie J.F., Guan M.L., Wang C.L., Wen L.Y., Lei Y.*, Xie Y.*, ‘Photoelectrodes Based Upon Mo:BiVO4 Inverse Opals for Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting’, ACS Nano (impact factor 13.942), 8 (7), 7088–7098, 2014.

5.       Wang C.L., Fang Y.G., Wen L.Y., Zhou M., Xu Y., Zhao H.P., De Cola L.*, Hu W.P.*, Lei Y.*, ‘Vectorial diffusion for facile solution-processed self-assembly of insoluble semiconductors: a case study on metal phthalocyanines’, Chemistry - A European Journal (impact factor 5.317), 20 (35), 10990-10995, 2014.

6.       Yang S.K.*, Slotcavage D., Mai J.D., Guo F., Li S.X., Zhao Y.H., Lei Y., Cameron C.E., Huang T.J.*, 'Electrochemically Created Highly Surface Roughened Ag Nanoplate Arrays for SERS Biosensing Applications’, Journal of Materials Chemistry (Impact factor 5.256)2, 8350-8356, 2014.

7.       Zheng Y., Wang W.X., Fu. Q., Wu M.H., Shayan K., Wong K.M., Singh S., Schober A., Schaaf P., Lei Y.*SERS Substrate Based on Large-Area Well-defined Gold Nanoparticle Arrays with High SERS Uniformity and Stability’ ChemPlusChem (impact factor 2.797), 79: 1622–1630, 2014

8.       Vellacheri R., Al-Haddad A., Zhao H.P., Wang W.X., Wang C.L., Lei Y.*, ‘High performance supercapacitor for efficient energy storage under extreme environmental temperatures’, Nano Energy (impact factor 12.343), 8, 231-237, 2014.


9.       Zhang H.C., Zhou M., Fu Q., Lei B., Lin W., Guo H.S., Wu M.H., Lei Y.*, ‘Observation of Defect State in Highly Ordered Titanium Dioxide Nanotube Arrays’, Nanotechnology (impact factor 3.440), 25 (27), 275603, 2014. 

10.      Zhu H.O., Xiao C., Cheng H., Grote F., Zhang X.D., Yao T., Li, Z., Wang C.M., Wei S.Q., Lei Y., Xie Y.*, ‘Magnetocaloric effects in a freestanding and flexible graphene-based superlattice synthesized with a spatially confined reaction’, Nature Communications (impact factor 12.124),  5, 3690, 2014.

11.       Mi Y., Zhou M., Wen L.Y., H.P. Zhao, Lei Y.*, ‘High Efficient Visible-Light Driven Photocatalyst: Two Dimensional Square-like Bismuth Oxyiodine Nanosheets’, Dalton Transactions (impact factor 4.029), 43, 9549–9556, 2014.

12.      Zhan Z.B., Lei Y.*, ‘Sub-100-nm nanoparticle arrays with perfect ordering, tunable and uniform dimensions fabricated by combining nanoimprinting with ultrathin alumina membrane technique’, ACS Nano (impact factor 13.942), 8, 3862–3868, 2014.

13.       Wen L.Y., Mi Y., Wang C.L., Fang Y.G., Grote F., Zhao H.P., Zhou M., Lei Y.*, ‘Cost-effective atomic layer deposition synthesis of Pt nanotube arrays: application for high performance supercapacitor’, Small (impact factor 8.643), 10, 3162–3168, 2014.

(This work has recently been highlighted at MaterialsViewsChina)

14.      Wang H., Wang W.C.*, Li L.Q., Zhu J., Wang W.X., Xie Z.X., Fuchs H., Lei Y., Chi L.F.*, ‘Surface micro-fluidic patterning and transporting organic small molecules’, Small (impact factor 8.643), 10, 2549–2552, 2014.


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This JAP article was the most highly cited regular article among over 4000 JAP articles that was published in the year 2013. Please refer to the pdf file where the relevant details were obtained from a JAP email (or

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 (This article has recently selected as the hot article in RSC bolg)

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(This paper has recently been featured as Research Highlights on Nature China, an online publication of Nature Publication Group to bringing high-quality research and innovative technologies from Chinese researchers to scientists and professionals around the world:


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