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Title: Analyse unterschiedlicher Problemdekompositionsverfahren anhand künstlicher Datensätze
Duration:01.12.2010 - 31.09.2013
Funding:BMBF - Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung
KMU-innovativ - Verbundvorhaben Klimaschutz:
Automatische Problemzerlegung komplexer industrieller Verbrennungsprozesse zur Emissionsreduktion
Project Partner:Powitec Intelligent Technologies GmbH
Project Manager:Prof. Dr. Horst-Michael Groß
Preceding Projects:SOFCOM


The APD (automatic problem decomposition) project aims to develop a system, which implements an automatic procedure to divide a problem into subtasks. These subtasks will enable learning techniques to find good solutions of higher accuracy in a shorter time frame and, hence, enable solutions for large difficult problems. It will be applied to the domain of combustion optimization, which is a highly complicated domain with a complex task structure, and will help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in coal-fired power plants.


Funkquist, J., Stephan, V., Schaffernicht, E., Rosner, C., Berg, M.
SOFCOM - Self-optimising strategy for control of the combustion process.
in: VGB PowerTech Journal, 8 (2011) 3, 48-54,




brown coal flame
hard coal flame