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Title: Towards an episodic situation understanding – Learning and real-time catEgorization of
complex MOtioN trajectories exemplified by human action sequences
Duration:01.10.2009 - 31.10.2013
Funding:Honda Research Institute Europe Offenbach
Project Partner:Honda Research Institute Europe Offenbach
Project Manager:Prof. Dr. Horst-Michael Groß, Dr.-Ing. Klaus Debes
Staff:Dipl.-Inf. Christian Vollmer


The focus of this project is the development of methods for visual human action recognition on a mobile robot platform operating in a domestic environment. In this project a human action is to be understood as a small-scale movement of one ore more limbs on a relative short timescale, e.g. throwing a ball or picking up something.
To be able to perform motion analysis the robot has to observe, predict, and classify movements of the observed person. In this project movements will be represented entirely by motion trajectories of the limbs. Thus the work is focussed on real-time prediction and classification of two or three dimensional time series.
An important emerging task of robot systems in the domain of elderly care is to maintain the cognitive abilities of the person cared for. One of many ways to achieve cognitive stimulation is to do physical exercises. A robot system equipped with the ability to classify and predict motion can help a person by guiding it throught such exercises and giving feedback about the quality of the executed exercises.


Papers available for download on the lab's publication page


Vollmer, Ch., Hellbach, S., Eggert, J., Gross, H.-M.
Sparse Coding of Human Motion Trajectories with Non-negative Matrix Factorization
to appear: Neurocomputing (2013), Elsevier, doi:



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