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Title:SERvice ROboter KONzeption - Hauptprojekt
Duration:01.01.2004 - 30.06.2006
Funding:TKM - Freistaat Thüringen - Kultusministerium
Project Partners:MetraLabs, Techo Team Bildverarbeitung GmbH
Associated Partner:toom BauMarkt GmbH
Project Manager:Prof. Dr. Horst-Michael Groß, PD Dr. Hans-Joachim Böhme
Staff:Dipl-Inf. Alexander König, Dipl.-Inf. Christian Martin, Dipl.-Inf. Christof Schröter, Dipl.-Inf. Torsten Wilhelm


Based on the results achieved within the previous projects PERSES and SERROKON-V (supported by TMWFK), the aim is to develop a flexible, mobile, and interactive service robot that can be reconfigured for a variety of application domains. Particularly, the arising platform shall be investigated for two ambituous prototypical applications: a shopping assistant operating in a home depot store, and a home robot for domestic tasks (entertainment, edutainment, security). Besides the development of the robot platform, special emphasis is placed on the accomplishment of field experiments concerning usability and acceptability within the mentioned prototypical applications.


Shopping Robot TOOMAS 2009
Shopping Robot PERSES in a Home Improvement Store
Shopping Robot 2008 (Deutsche Welle)