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detasFLEX – Design tool for the analysis and synthesis of flexure hinges

The free software detasFLEX is a program developed with MATLAB for the non-linear and contour-dependent calculation of the elasto-kinematic properties of notch flexure hinges.

detasFLEX features:

  • different materials (selection or input of material parameters)
  • four hinge contours (semi-circular, corner-filleted, elliptical, power function-based with arbitrary exponent)
  • three load cases (transversal force, moment or both) for load or angle specification
  • preview of the hinge geometry and instant visualization of input changes
  • calculation of angle or load, axis shift, strain distribution and maximum strain
  • exact numerical solution within seconds or instant solution via design equations (limited rotation angle)
  • export of results and diagrams
  • a synthesis feature will come soon

System requirements and installation:

  • Windows 64 bit
  • MATLAB Runtime version 9.3, R2017b (can be downloaded for free without license, see readme.txt)
  • disk space 20 MB (detasFLEX) plus MATLAB Runtime

Publication with detailed information:

  • Henning, S., Linß, S., Zentner, L.: detasFLEX – A computational design tool for the analysis of various notch flexure hinges based on non-linear modeling. In: Mechanical Sciences 9., 2018, p. 389-404 – DOI: 10.5194/ms-9-389-2018

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You can download and install detasFLEX for free after registration. Required fields are marked with “*”. After the registration, you will receive an E-Mail with a download link to the software.



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