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Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Stefan Sinzinger

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Research in the Department „Technische Optik“ (Optical Engineering) of Ilmenau University of Technology expands all around optical systems. The holistic approach to design and simulation which takes into account the demands of illumination, detection and image processing as well as the specific optical systems design is of central importance for optical systems with increasing complexity. We also address aspects of (micro-) optical systems integration and fabrication technologies, e.g for freeform optical elements. Our projects range from fundamental research and applied collaborative research projects all the way to direct cooperations with industrial partners.

Funding is provided e.g. by the German Science Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft), the state of Thuringia (e.g. Thüringer Ministerium für Bildung, Wissenschaft und Kunst, TMBWK), the Federal Ministery for Education and Research (Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung, BMBF) and the European Union.  

The long tradition of research in the field of “optical imaging theory” and “lens design” in Ilmenau is closely linked to the name and international reputation of Prof. Heinz Haferkorn  the founder of the optics group in Ilmenau. Since 2002, with the appointment of Prof. Stefan Sinzinger, the spectrum of research has been complemented by aspects of microstructured optics and optical systems integration.

Within the “Institut für Mikro und Nanotechnologien -MacroNano®” we focus on topics like optical microsystems for applications in life science, production and environmental issues. For our research we appreciate the full access to the “Zentrum für Mikro- and Nanotechnology” of Ilmenau University of Technology. This technology center accommodates state-of-the-art lithographic technology and provides a large variety of assembly and measuring equipment. Within this technology pool we are responsible for a center for ultraprecision micromachining and laser ablation (Kugler Mikrogantry 5x), a spray coating center (EVG ) and a cutting edge white light interferometer (VEECO Wyko 9300).

Further Research Topics

  • Digital Holography
  • Computational Imaging
  • Optics Design Including Freeform Optical Elements

Finished Projects

  • Skalenübergreifende Integration von Nanodraht-Heterostrukturen mit Optischen Mikrosystemen für Innovative Chemische Sensoren (SINOMICS)
  • Optische Mikrosysteme für die hyperspektrale Sensorik (OpMiSen)
  • Kompetenzdreieck optische Mikrosysteme (OPTIMI) - Optical Microsystems
  • Optische Nanotools (Sonderforschungsbereich 622 "Nanopositionier und Nanomessmaschinen")
  • Skalenübergreifende Integration von Nanodraht-Heterostrukturen mit Optischen Mikrosystemen für Innovative Chemische Sensoren (SINOMICS)
  • System for photonic adjustment of nano-scale aggregate systems (SPANAS)
  • Applied Spectral Imaging for Plastic Materials (ASIP)
  • Komplexe holographisch-optische Bauelemente (KOMPHOR) („complex holographic optical elements“)
  • Participation in the HWP-research group „Integrierte Mikrosysteme auf der Basis von mikro- und nanokapillarigen Glasbauteilen (NanoKap)“ („integrated microsystems based on micro and nanocapillary elements“)
  • Integrierte optisch-fluidische Mikrosysteme für die Mikromanipulation und Sensorik in der Biotechnologie (integrated optical-fluidic microsystems for micromanipulation and sensing for biotechnology)
  • Dynamische photonische Kanäle zum Zell-Handling in mikrofluidischen Systemen (Photofluid)(dynamic photonic channels for cell handling in microfluidic systems)
  • Participation in the joint research project „Funktionale Mikrostrukturen für innovative Sensorkonzepte (INNOSENS)“