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Year 2006

Alumni Summer School on Engineering Design Research - 2006


Samobor - Croatia / Lichtenthal Abbey Baden-Baden - Germany


Dr.-Ing. Michael Schmidt-Kretschmer, TU Berlin

Participants in alphabetical order:

Shahriman Zainal Abidin / NTNU, Trondheim, N / Practice-based design thinking for form development and detailing

Mattias Bergström / TU Luleå, S / Computer supported collaborative work (CSCW) and focuses on knowledge sharing in remote design teams

Birgit Dick / TU München, D / Analysis of product properties

Åsa Ericson / TU Luleå, S / Knowledge sharing processes, especially communication of customer need, in early phases of product development

Christof Fritz / TU Darmstadt, D / Optimised Processes, Methods and Instruments for the Development of Environmentally-Friendly Products

Kilian Gericke / TU Berlin, D / Enhancement of product development project robustness 

Annika Götz / Univ. of Stuttgart , D / The industrial design engineering process and its integration to the engineering processes

Saba Hinrichs / EDC, Cambridge UK / Design for Patient Safety 

Minna Lanz / TU Tampere, Fi / From assembly to process and system design 

Detlef Matzen / MEK/ DTU, DK / Development of Product/Service-Systems

Maximillian Müller / TU München, D / Interaction of methods and interdisciplinary with respect to the design process in sport technology 

Thomas Müller / Univ. of Paderborn, D / Dependability oriented Design of Mechatronic Systems

Gudmundur Valur Oddsson / IPL / DTU, DK /Embedded configuration at Grundfos

Maria Paz Claros Salinas / Grenoble Univ. , F / Models and tools to support all lifecycle stakeholders' requirements in collaborative mecha­nical product design 

Perica Savanovic / TU Eindhoven, NL / Integral design methodology in context of sustainable comfort systems 

Tino Stankovic / FMENA, Zagreb , Croatia / Evolutionary computation and its application in product development and design

Krisztina Szeghö / Univ. of Kaiserslautern , D / Preventive Cost and Risk Management in the Early Product Development Phase (Frontloading) 

Adrian Ronald Tan / MEK/ DTU, DK / Development of Product/Service-System 

Martin Wäldele / TU Darmstadt, D / The transformation of external properties into internal product properties