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Year 2007

Alumni Summer School on Engineering Design Research - 2007


Benicŕssim (Valencia), Spain / Lichtenthal Abbey Baden-Baden, Germany

Participants in alphabetical order:

Andreas Bischof / TU Berlin, D / Development of innovative bioreactor

Jan Conrad / Univ. des Saarlandes, D / Knowledge representation

Sandra Coulin/Cheriti / G-Scop Lab., INP Grenoble, F / The driving of the customer/supplier relations within the framework of collaborative design

Joakim Eriksson / KTH, Stockholm, S / Effective decision making within distributed PD

Karin Forslund / Chalmers Univ. of Technology, S / Impacts of geometrical variation on the visual quality appearance of assembled products 

Liv Gish / DTU, IPL, DK / Sociotechnical and organisational dimensions in the early stages of product development 

Ernesto Gutièrrez / KTH, Stockholm, S / Project portfolio management 

Mikael Hedelind / Mälardalen University, S / Design for Robot Automation 

Ulf Högman / Chalmers Univ. of Technology, S / Work processes, methods and tools for development of new technology 

Stephan Husung / TU Ilmenau, D / Product optimisation by using a CAVE 

Christian Johansson / Luleå Univ., S / Knowledge readiness level

Rolf Lundin Jönköping / Univ., S / Efficient distributed Design - Manufacture collaboration

Christian Köhler / Univ. des Saarlandes,D / Design for Quality 

Matthias Kreimeyer / TU München, D / Optimization of engineering design processes

Patrick Müller / TU Berlin, D / Product-service-systems

Louise Møller Nielsen / Aalb. Univ. DK / Strategic Design Driven Innovation

Bjørn Rudshaug / MEK/DTU, DK / Drilling Rig from project to product 

Daniel Collado Ruiz / TU Valencia, E / Sustainability and Ecodesign 

Christoph Schendel / TU Darmstadt, D / Integrating Design for Environment methods and tools into business application 

Zbynek Srp / Univ. of Pilsen, Czech Republic/ Integrated engineering & cognitive support for the innovative design engineering of technical products 

Charlotte Wieder / G-Scop Lab., INP Grenoble, F / Product development of complex systems in a context of continuous innovation



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