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Year 2009

Alumni Summer School on Engineering Design Research - 2009


Samobor, Croatia / Ellivuori, Finland

Participants in alphabetical order:

Claudia Becke / University Karlsruhe, D /Problem solving in product development (develop a method to support the design engineer as a problem solver)

Anders Berglund / Royal Institute of Technology KTH, S /Individual innovation capability: What factors determine individual innovation capability and how can these factors have an impact on changing innovation capabilities among individuals and education procurement?

William Brace / Helsinki University of Technology, Fin /Hybridization of mobile work machines (Hyblab project): Early design and development process on the basis of systems engineering 

Marco L. Calderón / University Polytecnica de Catalunya, Barcelona, E / Analysis of existing products as a tool for engineering design education

Philip Cash / University Bath, UK / Establishing a design observation laboratory 

Jaap Daalhuizen / TU Delft, NL / Designer Driven Innovation

Roland Engelhardt / TU Darmstadt, D / Strategic procedure to analyse the uncertainties (in technical systems) and their consequences (develop a comprehensive methodology for the analysis of uncertainties in the product life cycle – Uncertainty-Mode- and Effects-Analysis (UMEA))

Stellan Gedell / Chalmers University of Technology, S / Identify information the involved designers need; develop an improved meta model that can be used to more efficiently describe the design

Vu Thi Hanh / INPG Grenoble, FR / Analysis of distant synchronous collaborative engineering environments: ergonomic approach for an improvement of communication tools by means of users activities analysis

Clemens Hepperle / TU München, D / Cycles Concerning Early Planning of Product-Service-Systems (PSS)

Sofia Hussain / Norwegian University of Science and Technology NTNU, N / Designing prosthetic legs for children in Cambodia

Pär Johansson / Lulea UT, S / Knowledge engineering design support systems for manufacturability evaluation, having a life-cycle view

Konstantin Kittel / TU Magdeburg, D / Autogenetic Design Theory (ADT)

Per Kristav / Lund TU, S / Securing that emotional and aesthetic preferences of the customer are met during the product development process; examples: interior design, assessment of user experiences of visual product representations

Zaza Nadja Lee Hansen / Techn. Univ. of Denmark (DTU), DK / On outsourcing and offshoring: A strategic view of the challenges s facing management and engineering 

Johanna Mela / Tampere University of Technology, FI / Business oriented product design management by managing the linkage between the product structures and value-chains

Marcel Michaelis / Chalmers University of Technology, S / Integrating the development of configurable products and production systems; how to make knowledge and experience concerning the entire production system available to the design engineer

Kresimir Osman / U Zagreb, HR / Decision making support systems for complex produt realisation and its implementation; potential use of game theory in such systems

Markus Petermann / TU München, D / Description of feasible approaches for imitation proof design

Hakan Petersson / Halmstad University, S / Integration of Computer Aided Design with the Product Development Process 

Daniel Roth / University of Stuttgart, D / Evaluation of product development knowledge

Carl Wadell / KTH, Stockholm, S / INNOPLANT - Innovation through collaboration