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Year 2011

Alumni Summer School on Engineering Design Research - 2011


Kloster Weltenburg in Kelheim/Donau (near Regensburg), Germany, May 29th - June 4th
Maison d’accueil des Srs. Franciscaines, Luxemburg, July 24th - 30th, 2011

Participants in alphabetical order:

 Julian ADENAUER / TU Berlin, DE / Process of prototyping during product development process of interactive systems

Mattias BOKINGE / Chalmers University of Technology, SE / Evolution of PLM Support in Organisations 

Katharina EBEN /  Technische Universität Muenchen, DE / Challenges of Multi-project Environment and Daily Business in Small- and Middle-sized Enterprises from a Lean Development Perspective

Sandra EILMUS /  TU Hamburg-Harburg, DE / Communality in the development of product programs

Boris EISENBART /  Université du Luxembourg, LU / Modelling of Products to Enhance Communication in Interdisciplinary Product Development Teams

Christian Lindschou HANSEN / Technical University of Denmark, DK/ Coordinated Development of Product Architecture and Business Processes 

Miriam HESSE /  BMW AG, München, DE / Development, Implementation and Evaluation of alternative Validation Procedures in Automotive Engineering

Henry JONAS / TU Hamburg-Harburg, DE / Planning the Product Program by scenarios and platform concepts

Anna KARLSSON /  Sandvik Coromant, SE / Where do Innovations Come from? And how can Continuous Innovation Be Sup¬ported in an Organisation?

Sebastian KORTLER / Technische Universität Muenchen, DE / A Method for Ensuring of Product Characteristics Considering high Variety of Complex Products by use of Structural Complexity Management 

Martin KRATZER / University of Stuttgart, D / Engineering with Agent-Based Design Support Systems Creation of methods to elicit, analyse/ structure and represent engineering design knowledge within Agent-Based Systems

Katarina LUND /  Scania Research and Development, SE / Work methods for creativity in efficient R&D Organizations

Mathias MESSERLE / University of Stuttgart, DE / Evaluation of innovative product ideas 

Krestine MOUGAARD /  Danish Technical University, DK / A framework for conceptualization and specification of PSS
designs ‐ Network based development models

Teit Anton NIELSEN / Danish Technical University, DK / Shaping Product/Service Systems theory to
strengthen the maritime industry

Thierry Sop NIJNDAM / Universität der Bundeswehr München, DE / Integrating Failure Analysis into the Design of Cognitive

Hélène PERSONNIER / Institut Polytechnique de Grenoble, FR / Measuring the Benefits of Inter-Organisational Collaborations and Implementing
Necessary Interface Process

Maud RIO / Université de Technologie Troyes, FR / Integration of Environmental Concerns in the Design Process (EcoDesign)

Noora RISSANEN / Tampere University of Technology, FI / Proactive engineering change management

Johanna SCHMIDT  / Universität der Bundeswehr München, DE / Inclusion of Users’ Requirements into the Product Development Process



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