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Ivo W. Rangelow

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SNM cooperation with other projects and groups

EU-project "NANOHEAT", participation of TU Ilmenau and IBM

C. W. Hagen (TUD):  Vice chair of European COST action CM1301, called CELINA

SNSF (swiss national science foundation): "Study of the coupling efficiency of single nano-objects to highly confined optical fields in novel microcavity designs"
Synergy: tSPL writing of precise 3D structures for optical applications. (IBM)

ERC Starting Grant Project "TOPOPLAN"; PI: A. Knoll (IBM)
Synergy: tSPL writing of topographical guiding and potential shaping structures for nanoparticle trapping and assembly.

EU-project "Large Cells" coordinated by Mukundan Thelakkat from UBT

Collaboration with Christopher K. Ober and his group at The Cornell University

Collaboration with Deirdre Olynick and Alexander Weber-Bargioni at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), Material Sciences Division (

Potential users from European industries are involved in SNM