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Student challenge

The SPITSE Symposium 2014 aims at promoting the networking between the partners TUIL, ETU, and MEI. The scientific conference contributions cover significant research of highest current relevance from all three universities already. However, a special highlight of the two-weeks SPITSE Summerschool is the

SPITSE 2014 Student Challenge Sensors. Systems. Networks.

All student participants are cordially invited to participate. The winning team will be awarded EUR 5001.

Kick-Off Meeting: Monday, July 7th starting @ 16:40 in the Senatssaal (right after the sessions)

Breathtaking research has come within your reach – just some careful thoughts away!

What do you have to do?

Listen to the regular and invited scientific contributions presented in the course of the first week, make your mind up about an excellent research project based on this information and promising a solution for current challenges in engineering sciences. In a team of 3 students you have to compose your own fictional project proposal, whose subject must fit to any one of the 10 SPITSE 2014 symposium topics. Until Thursday, July 17, you have to submit your proposal to SPITSE experts and defend your ideas in an oral presentation against your competing teams.

Your proposal must reflect the following logical structure:

1)    Title: What does your proposal describe in a concise and precise manner?
2)    Scientific Goal(s): What is to be achieved? (max. 1 page)
3)    Strategic relevance: Why is it worth being funded? (max. 0.5 page)
4)    State-of-the-art: What does already exist in this field? (max. 1.5 pages)
5)    Work program: How can the goals be achieved in a consistent and logical work flow? (max. 3 pages)
6)    Expected outcome: What results and sustainable benefits can be gained? (max. 1 page)
7)    References: Which groups are major players in this field (number of citations as deemed sufficient, max. 2 citations of own work)

1 Teams composed solely of students of TU Ilmenau are excluded from the monetary award.