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Complex Embedded Systems (RCSE)

Course offered by the System and Software Engineering group together with the Computer Architecture and Embedded Systems group during summer semester 2020.



Introduction to Embedded Systems Design: check the moodle information for more details and slide PDFs.


  • Please enrol and register inMoodle and choose your student talk topic.
  • During the university closing, we are organizing online learning options for all participants. Please check the moodle class and register there until April 13 if possible, and check for the contents there which are planned to be available from April 15. Parts of the usual background material will not be available while the library is closed, but there is a lot of information on embedded systems avaiable online.
  • The embedded systems lab (which is organized independently from the CES lecture, but is a good practical supplement) has its own web site for details.


  • Lecturers: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Daniel Ziener and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Armin Zimmermann
  • Lecture (after the university has reopened): one meeting per week, Tuesday 17:00 - 18:30 , lecture room K2003B
    (during the second half of the semester the lecture may move)
  • Parts of the course 
    • Lecture throughout the summer semester
    • Reading assignments accompanying the lecture, books are available in the library
    • Talks prepared individually and given by students, check the moodle for details
    • Written exam
  • Grading: based on exam (70%) and talk (30%), aPL; both parts have to be passed.
  • All parts of the course are held in English

Written Exam

The written exam takes place during the lecture-free time in summer. Participants may bring one A4 sheet with their own hand-written lecture notes (one side only, not printed or copied). Other than that, there are no documents allowed. Cell phones or any other communication devices must not be used and have to stay switched off. Please bring your student ID card as well as a photo ID.



Course reserve collection in the TU Ilmenau library - books for the course that cannot be borrowed but have to be read in the library. The following books will be available during the semester:

  • Marilyn Wolf: Computers as Components (chapter numbering based on 3rd edition 2012, but there are newer editions in the library)
  • Alan Burns and Andy Wellings: Real-time systems and programming languages (Addison-Wesley 2001)
  • Jane Liu: Real-Time Systems (Prentice Hall 2000)
  • Jim E. Cooling: Software engineering for real-time systems (Addison-Wesley 2001)

In-depth material about Arduino and C programming by Jim Fiore:

Further comments in the lecture.