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Lab Training "Embedded Systems - Design and Implementation" (RCSE)

The goal of the offered lab training is to give students a simple hand-on start in developing software for embedded systems.

In this lab you will learn and practice:

  • programming in C (Arduino-dialect)
  • hardware-interfacing
  • embedded communication techniques

Participants will be devided into groups and will be assigned with individual tasks.

The lab is supervised by Alexander Wichmann.  Please register for the lab in the corresponding moodle course. Participation in the CES lecture is recommended.

During the university closing, we are trying to organize online learning options for all participants. Please check the moodle class and register there until April 13 if possible, and check for the contents there which are planned to be available from April 15.

During the rest of the semester you can choose to work on your projects either in the lab or at home. At the end of the project, a presentation and a project documentation is expected.