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Studium an der TU Ilmenau
Studiengang Ingenieurinformatik
Abschluss: M.Sc.

seit 2011Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter an der TU Ilmenau
Fachgebiet System- und Software-Engineering


  • Softwaretechnik Seminar
  • Komplexe Eingebettete Systeme - Labor zu eingebetteten Sensor-Aktor-Systemen (Kugelfall-Versuch)
  • Lab Training for RCSE - embedded realtime system control with fault-tolerance (railwaysystem-experiment)
  • Softwareprojekt Betreuung
  • Studentenarbeiten (Haupt-, Projekt- und Abschlussarbeiten)


Energy Management for Multi-UAV Systems

The utilization of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) ranges from commercial surveillance and reconnaissance missions to semi-professional and private applications. With ongoing improvements in the area of embedded automation systems and autonomous aircraft, the multicopter platform got more and more interesting for both academia and industry. Advances in the wireless network communication technologies allow UAVs to be rather flexible platforms with several kinds of communication hardware and measuring sensors installed.

In the course of search and rescue missions, multiple UAVs will be utilized in the field in order to fulfill the sum of tasks at hand. One of the typical downsides of mobile embedded systems is that they are equipped with a limited energy source, which will be exhausted over time.

With limited battery capacity the operational time of one UAV is severely limited. This leads to the need of energy management operations. These maintenance operations have to be scheduled and coordinated. As higher mission operations are ongoing in the field, maintenance operations may not interrupt, delay, or restrict these. An additional UAV management abstraction layer should be introduces in order to schedule UAV recharge and replace processes in parallel to the mission tasks.

In order to replace an UAV and to recharge its battery at a charging base station, the remaining amount of energy must be known. Depletion of the battery will result in failure of the UAV and instant loss of the communication node. As UAVs are operating in a wide geographical area, the distances to other UAVs and to charging base stations differ and create additional energy consumptions which will reduce the operational flight time. The future tasks of nodes have to be analyzed beforehand and UAVs will be accepted for the task or an seamless replacement has to be performed in time.

With sufficient knowledge and a set of situation-based rules, a resource and energy efficient energy management for multi-UAV systems can be developed. Global charging and replacement planning strategies without disruption of the higher-level mission under consideration of resource usage is the focus of the proposed research.


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[ pdf ]

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Thomas Dietrich, Ralph Maschotta and Armin Zimmermann:
Multi-UAV Node Placement Strategies for Meshed Field Coverage.
The Tenth International Symposium on Wireless Communication (ISWCS‘13), Ilmenau, Germany, 27-30 August 2013.
[ pdf ]