Information Systems Engineering

Short profile

Bachelor of Science

admission restriction

standard length of study
6 semester

study start
October 1

preparatory internship

credit points

teaching language

May 16 - October 15 | January 16 - July 15 (International Students)


Computer Science and Systems Engineering deals with the planning, development, implementation, operation and development of information processing systems that are used for the formalized support of the running business processes and the structured strategic decision-making.

Aim of the program are graduates who are able to design, introduce and use computer-aided information systems to their own responsibility or in interdisciplinary cooperation with computer scientists, business administrators and specialists in other disciplines and adapt the information systems to changing requirements. This goal is achieved in the major Computer Science and Systems Engineering by a thorough acquisition of knowledge, abilities and practical skills in the fields of computer science, business administration and computer science and systems engineering as well as by a university-specific education in special fields of computer science and systems engineering.

Successful studies lead to the professional qualification "Bachelor of Science". It is a prerequisite for the master program based on that.

Content of study

10 %
Mathematical foundations (e.g. mathematics for economics, statistics)
31 %
Economic sciences and law (e.g. bookkeeping, accounting, production economics, corporate governance, marketing, finance, tax, macro and microeconomics, law)
20 %
Foundations of computer science (e.g. software development, telematics, databases and operating systems, development of application components)
22 %
Information systems engineering (e.g. business process management, IT integration, ERP systems, IT project management, system development, digital factory, information management)
3 %
Language and General Studies
14 %
Advanced internship and bachelor thesis

Practice during studies

There is no compulsory basic internship. The professional internship during the sixth semester takes 12 weeks and can be completed in companies at home as well as abroad.

Fields of work

  • Product management in technology companies

  • Process and IT management, IT project management

  • Data Science, Data Analysis

  • Software development and architecture

  • App development

  • Enterprise consulting

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