Mechatronics (B.Sc.)

Short profile

Bachelor of Science

admission restriction

standard length of study
7 semester

study start
October 1

preparatory internship
8 weeks

credit points

teaching language

May 16 - October 15 | January 16 - July 15 (International Students)



Mechatronics is an interdisciplinary engineering science relating to Electrical Engineering / Electronics, Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering. The term mechatronics has become established worldwide and has become a trademark of interdisciplinary approaches in the development, production and marketing of complex system products.

For this reason, the students of this degree program are taught interdisciplinary competencies and a method-oriented way of working. They receive the necessary skills for the development of mechatronic systems in the automotive industry, production technology, medical device technology and other areas. Other important fields of application for mechatronics today are biomechatronics and micro-mechatronics / microsystem technology, which in Ilmenau are the emphases of the training in addition to the mechatronic system design. They create the connection to the life sciences and micro- and nanotechnology, which rely on interdisciplinarity and systemic thinking.

Fields of study

25 %
Fundamentals (e.g. mathematics, physics, computer science, electrical engineering ...)
49 %
Electrical engineering and mechanical engineering (e.g. circuit technology, system technology, engineering mechanics, materials, measurement technology, drive technology, ...)
10 %
Optional compulsory modules, choice between: Mechatronic systems | bio-mechatronics | micro-mechatronics
3 %
Non-technical subjects Foreign Language, General Studies, business studies
13 %
Basic and professional internship / bachelor thesis

Practice during studies

The basic internship is an academic achievement with a duration of eight weeks. It should be fulfilled preferably before the start of studies, but can also be completed before the end of the fourth semester. The professional internship during the seventh semester takes 12 weeks and can be completed in companies at home as well as abroad.

Fields of work

  • Bio-mechatronics

  • Microsystem- and nanotechnology

  • Automotive engineering suppliers industry

  • IT and electronics industry

  • Medical engineering

  • Measurement technology, cybernetics and control engineering

  • Precision engineering tool building and mechanical engineering

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