Technical Physics (B.Sc.)

Short profile

Bachelor of Science

admission restriction

standard length of study
6 semester

study start
October 1

preparatory internship

credit points

teaching language

May 16 - October 15 | January 16 - July 15 (International Students)


Physics is a fundamental science. All systems of nature are subject to their laws. The goal of physics is to derive theories in close interaction between experimental methods and theoretical modeling, which explain the processes in nature as accurate as possible and allow precise predictions.

With the Bachelor and the following Master program in Technical Physics, the TU Ilmenau offers a modern version of studying Physics, which particularly qualifies for research and development-related activities and emphasizes the aspect of basic science for engineering / technical issues. In this way, the students are taught basic physical knowledge together with the thinking and working methods of physicists and engineers. They receive a profound basic education in physics and future-oriented technical-scientific disciplines.

Due to the basic physical education and structure of the study content in modules, the smooth transition between the course of study in Technical Physics at the TU Ilmenau and the Physics courses at other universities in Germany and abroad both during the study and between the bachelor and master phase is ensured.

Content of study

21 %
Experimental physics and basic internship (e.g. mechanics, thermodynamics, oscillations / waves / fields, electricity, optics, atoms)
13 %
Theoretical physics (e.g. programming, mechanics, quantum mechanics, electrodynamics)
15 %
Technical physics and advanced internship (e.g. solid state physics, experimental methods, semiconductors, surface physics, polymer physics, biophysics)
12 %
5 %
14 %
Engineering and science and technology optional module (e.g. electrical engineering, mechanical engineering)
3 %
Non-technical subjects and key qualifications
17 %
Specialized internship and bachelor thesis

Practice during studies

There is no compulsory basic internship. The professional internship during the sixth semester takes 12 weeks and can be completed in companies at home as well as abroad.

Fields of work

  • Scientific research and development

  • Environmental protection and energy

  • Science and technology management

  • Environmental system technology, pharma industry

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