Mechanical Engineering (Diploma in Engineering)

Short profile

Diploma in Engineering

admission restriction

standard length of study
10 semester

study start
October 1

preparatory internship
4 weeks

credit points

teaching language

May 16 - October 15 | January 16 - July 15 (International Students)



Starting with winter semester 17/18, the TU Ilmenau offers a major Mechanical Engineering with the degree Diploma in engineering. The challenging course of study begins with a sound mathematical-scientific but also multidisciplinary, basic engineering education. For each lecture a seminar is offered.

After the basic studies of four semesters, a specialisation in one of the four main subjects offered is carried out in the main studies:


  • Constructive mechanical engineering
  • Measurement and sensor technology
  • Production technology
  • Thermal and fluid dynamics

A special feature of the Ilmenau study model is the freely selectable minor study course of one semester, which can also be completed at a foreign subject and / or at another university institution in Germany or abroad. Further opportunities for a stay abroad are offered through the integrated one-semester engineering internship or the completion of the diploma thesis in the 10th semester.

The Mechanical Engineering graduates of TU Ilmenau are characterized by a high level of methodological competence in the field of technology and construction. On the basis of the broad theoretical knowledge and the specialist deepening, the learned methodological knowledge can be used independently for complex applications and implemented in value-adding and creative processes.

Content of study

18 %
Joint foundations in engineering science (basic studies, 55 credits) (e.g. physics, mathematics, electrical engineering, technical mechanics, presentation theory, technical computer science, algorithms and programming)
22 %
Foundations Mechanical Engineering part 1 (basic studies 65 credits) (e.g. gear technology, engineering mechanics, measurement technology, thermodynamics, technical optics, electronics, machine elements, manufacturing technology)
13 %
Foundations Mechanical Engineering part 2 (main studies 40 credits) (e.g. drive technology, electronics, technical optics, development methodology, machine dynamics)
17 %
Main subject (main studies 50 credits) Constructive engineering, measurement and sensor technology, production engineering or thermal and fluid dynamics
10 %
Minor subject and Soft Skills (main studies 30 credits) (e.g. further engineering subjects, economics, life sciences)
10 %
Engineering internship (main studies 30 credits)
10 %
Diploma thesis (main studies 30 credits)

Main subjects

  • Constructive mechanical engineering

  • Measurement and sensor technology

  • Production technology

  • Thermo and fluiddynamics

Practice during studies

The preparatory internship is an academic achievement with a duration of four weeks. It is to be fulfilled before the start of studies. The 6-month engineering internship in the 7th semester is to be completed in conjunction with the targeted qualified activities in companies or in non-university research institutions at home and abroad. It is recommended to pass complete study phases abroad (e.g. engineering internship, minor subject, diploma thesis).

Fields of work

  • Machine and equipment construction

  • Optics and lighting technology

  • Automobile industry

  • Micro and nanosystem technology

  • Measurement, Sensor and drive technology

  • Construction technology

  • Research and development

  • Plastics, glass and ceramics industry

  • Precision engineering

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