Electrical Power and Control Engineering (M.Sc.)

Short profile

Master of Science

admission restriction
none | individual acceptance

standard length of study
4 semester

study start
October 1

teaching language

credit points

admission requirements
Bachelor's degree in a similar field

possible throughout the year



Electrical energy is the most important future energy source. The energy revolution (changing the electrical power supply to mostly renewable energy sources) as well as new energy, information and communication technologies lead to profound changes in the operational environment of electrical energy systems. This master program teaches students the current state of technological and methodic status in Energy and Automation Technology.

The program is characterized by high topicality of the teached content and intense, practically oriented research. Projects that can be worked on independently or in group work and one innovation project are important parts of the master program. All project topics occur in the context of the most up to date key aspects of research. During that process the students work closely with their advising scientist. The program is suitable for graduated engineers (bachelor or similar degree) as well as for engineers in the field of energy and system technology who are already working.

Graduates from this program work in small, medium and large power generation, distribution and transmission enterprises all over the world, e.g.

- Network operators

- Producers of energy and automation technology products and systems

- Network planners and plant manufacturers


Content of study

25 %
Fundamental knowledge in Energy and Automation Technology (e. g. energy systems and devices, control engineering, power electronics, simulation and modeling, electric machines)
29 %
Optional topics according to specialisation (e.g.energy systems and networks, electric machines, system analysis and control engineering, conversion of energy, switchgears and high voltage technology, power electronics)
8 %
Special seminars
38 %
Innovation project and master thesis


  • Energy Systems and Networks

  • Electric Machines

  • System Analysis and Control Engineering

  • Conversion of energy

  • Switchgears and high voltage technology

  • Power Electronics

Fields of work

  • Network operators

  • Network planners

  • Plant manufacturers

  • Producers of energy and automation technology products and systems

  • Design and operation of electric energy systems in context with energy revolution

  • Research, development and application of components and systems

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