Media Economics

Short Profile

Master of Science

admission restriction
none | individual acceptance

standard length of study
4 semester

study start
April 1 or october 1

teaching language

credit points

admission requirements
Bachelor's degree in a similar field

possible throughout the year


This program is a - in comparison with other universities- unique combination of an inter-branch study of economics with a study of media-specific contents teaching economic, technical and social-scientific perspectives. This program focuses on a research-oriented specialisation in contents initially acquired in the Bachelor study.

Optional media profiles are Media Law, Media Economics and Media Management, Science of Media and Communications, Media Technology and media-related Computer Science and Economics.

In addition to subjects included in the profiles, subjects from accompanying modules in Political Economics, Economics and Law, Quantitative Methods and from the whole program of Technische Universität Ilmenau can be taken.

The guiding idea of the master program Media Economics is to offer a further specialization and subsequent qualifications in comparison to the bachelor program. The program deepens knowledge and enables to work inependent scientific, which makes him also prepare graduates for a doctorate.

Content of study

24 %
Cross-sector Economics, Political Economics and Law (Profils at choice: Management of finances, corporate accounting, taxation | Strategic Management | General Business Administration)
18 %
Compulsory courses Economics/Political Economics (e. g. finance, environmental or resource economics)
17 %
Additional modules Economics/Political Economics/Law (e.g. Empirical research, quantitative business planning, european law, international economics, employment law)
8 %
Compulsory courses economic-juridical media specialisation (e.g. media law, media economics)
8 %
Optional courses media specialisation (Moduls at choice: media technology | media related information systems engineering | media studies and communication science)
25 %
Master thesis

Fields of work

  • Controlling and finances

  • Purchasing, Sales/Marketing

  • Project Management

  • Business Management

  • Advertising and media agencies

  • TV and Broadcasting

  • Newspaper, magazine and book publishers, music publishers

  • Multimedia enterprises and motion picture production

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