Miniaturised Biotechnology

Short profile

Master of Science

admission restriction
none | individual acceptance

standard length of study
4 Semester

study start
April 1 or October 1

teaching language

credit points

admission requirements
Bachelor's degree in a similar field

possible throughout the year


The master program Miniaturised Biotechnology with the degree "Master of Science" makes the Micro- and Nanotechnologie accesible for applications in the biotechnology. It is an interdisciplinary program that convey almost equally microsystemtechnologic and biotechnologic competences.

This program includes a research-oriented education in miniaturised methods in biotechnology. This includes but is not restricted to technologies related to micro-organisms. The study teaches knowledge and skills for developing miniaturised and automatised systems for handling, characterisation and use of biomolecules, eucaryotic cells, cell aggregates and ensembles as well as small tissue fragments, multi-cellular systems and internal reactions.

This way, the education profile is tailored to problems of bio processes technology as well as to biomedical and diagnostic requirements. There is a special focus on technical interfaces and substantial boundary surfaces. The educational profile for micro-biologists closes the gap between classic natural sciences and engineering sciences in micro-systemtechnologically qualified biotechnologies.

The program deepens the theoretical knowledge of natural and technologic sciences relevant to biotechnology, especially the requirements for development, production and handling of micro- and nanosystems for biotechnical applications. There is a special focus on practical skills by means of independent lab work and the integration into current research projects.

Content of study

14 %
Fundamentals of micro-system technology (e.g. microfluidics, microreaction technology, microtechnology)
10 %
System development (optional courses) (e.g. micro and nanosystem technology, micro actuating elements, bio nano technology, functional materials, mikco optics and integrated optics, nano- and laser measurement)
5 %
Applied biochemistry (Jena)
8 %
Instrumental analytics (Jena) (e.g. imaging methods, laboratory and analysis measurement)
10 %
Biological systems (Jena) (e.g. cellular and molecular biology, miniaturised test systems)
6 %
Bio materialis and boundaries (Heiligenstadt)
6 %
Bio micro-system technologie (Heiligenstadt)
5 %
Biophysics (Heiligenstadt)
3 %
Soft skills
33 %
Research internship and master thesis

Fields of work

  • Development and application of micro and nanosystems

  • Instruments- and asset development

  • chemical and biotechnologic industry

  • Microsystems engineerig

  • Nanotechnology

  • Research in economic and public research facilities

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