Materials Science and Engineering

Short profile

Master of Science

admission restriction
none | individual acceptance

standard length of study
4 semester

study start
October 1

teaching language

credit points

admission requirements
Bachelor's degree in a similar field

possible throughout the year


The master program is consecutive and based on the bachelor degree in Material Science and Engineering. It can also be attended by graduates from other engineering or functional relevant majors with at least 50 credit points in general natural scientific basics.

The program is continued as a joint major at the Universities of Ilmenau and Jena. During study, deeper knowledge about the structure, properties, production and development of all materials (metals, glasses, ceramics, polymers and composites) is taught.

The study profile deepenes the fundamental principles of experimental and theoretical materials science with further physicochemical fundamentals as well as engineering sciences core themes from mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and micro- and nanotechnology to a deepening and innovative study offer. It has an engineering, technological orientation and has its main focus in material engineering.

The aim of the research-oriented master program in Materials Science and Engineering is the training of students with a broad engineering-scientific basis, methodological competence and an understanding of current material-scientific questions.



Fields of study

10 %
Concentration of natural- and material-scientific basics (e.g. Polymer chemistry, solid state physics for engineers, functional materials, thin coatings and surfaces, construction materials, special glass and engineering ceramics)
24 %
Material engineering compulsory modules (e.g. Plastics processing technology, surface and electroplating, materials of micro- and nanotechnology, material selection, condition and analysis)
17 %
Material engineering optional modules (e.g. Car body technology, plastics technology, regenerative energies and storage technology, materials for energy engineering, materials for biomedicine, glass and ceramics in micro- and nanotechnology, fiber composites)
4 %
Technical optional module (Choice from the Master courses of TU Ilmenau)
4 %
Non-technical optional module (Choice from the Master courses of TU Ilmenau)
8 %
Project with graduate seminar
25 %
Master thesis

Fields of work

  • Engineering / lightweight construction industry, automotive industry

  • Energy technology, renewable energies, environmental technology

  • Micro- and nanotechnology, elektronics, micro system technology

  • Medical technology, sensor technology, actuators and biomaterials

  • Material development, material testing, quality management

  • Space and aviation technology, surface engineering

  • Communication- and information technology

Further information

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