During studies

Semester fees

Before the beginning of each semester, the semester fee must be paid to ensure your matriculation. At the same time this is your confirmation of continued studies which will indicate that you will continue your studies in the next semester. The semester fee of € 103.40 (+ onetime € 15 for the student ID card Thoska+ at the time of enrollment) is made up of contributions for the student services, the student body and the semester ticket. Information on the composition, payment deadlines and amount can be found on the website for students.

Advisement & Information

Central Studies Advisory Service

If you have any questions concerning your studies and wish an advisement regarding the choice of a major, course of studies and problems with it, changing university or discipline, completion of studies etc., the Central Studies Advisory Service will help you. It is best to make an appointment by phone or e-mail. In addition, each faculty offers its own acaemic advisory. You can find more information on the faculties' website.

General office hours:
Mo 9.00 - 11.30 Uhr (House G)
Tue 13.00 - 18.00 Uhr (House G)
Wed 12.00 - 15.00 Uhr (ASC; unoccupied during lecture-free period!)

Address for visitors:
Max-Planck-Ring 14 (House G), room 1220 and 1240

Individual appointments:
Tel: +49 3677 69-2021 or via mail.

You can find more informationen regarding the offerings of the Central Studies Advisory Service here.

Advisement compass

At the TU Ilmenau, there are various institutions, governing committees and responsible persons who can advise you on a wide range of issues concerning the studies. An overview can be found in the Advisement compass of the campus family.


„Sprich mit uns!“ – Studentische Sprechstunde

Wir sind Marie, Janine, Sascha und Nils und studieren an der TU Ilmenau. Wir unterstützen die Zentrale Studien- und Studierendenberatung in ihrer Arbeit und möchten dich einladen, auf Augenhöhe mit uns zu reden. Du kannst uns alles fragen, z. B. wie sind wir zum Studium gekommen, ist Studieren schwer, was bedeutet Corona für das Studentenleben? Aber auch bei allem anderen Problemen versuchen wir, dir weiter zu helfen oder an jemanden zu verweisen, der es besser weiß. Trau dich!

Mo - Fr    19.00 – 20.00 Uhr

Tel:          +49 151-52454441


Nachteilsausgleiche sind Maßnahmen, die beeinträchtigungsbedingte Erschwernisse im Studienverlauf und in Prüfungen ausgleichen. Sie müssen schriftlich beantragt werden und hängen von den Auswirkungen der Erschwernis und den Anforderungen des jeweiligen Studienfachs ab.

Wichtig: Bitte informieren Sie sich und stellen den Antrag auf Nachteilsausgleich gleich zu Studienbeginn. Bei veränderten Bedingungen kann der Nachteilsausgleich auch angepasst werden. Eine nachträgliche Regelung ist nicht möglich.

Weitere Informationen zum Thema Inklusion und Nachteilsausgleich an der TU Ilmenau finden Sie auf der Webseite der Zentralen Studierendenberatung.

Representation of interests

StuRa - Student Council of the TU Ilmenau

The student council (StuRa) is the elected representation of interests of the student body of the TU Ilmenau. If you have any questions, problems or ideas concerning studying and campus life, you are in the right place. The StuRa has set up a number of divisions whose members deal with questions and problems in this area. In most cases division spanning, work groups in the StuRa, which are concerned with the realization of specific projects, have also formed. If you feel like joining us, drop by at one of the meetings! You can find more information about the work of StuRa here.

Max-Planck-Ring 7 (House A, basement room 013)


Elected department student councils of the faculties

An elected department student council exists in each faculty. It serves as a link between professors, students and other governing committees. In the case of questions, problems or suggestions for studying, he is an important contact person for students and mediates between the parties to find solutions to problems. The elected department student council is a subordinate body of the student council of the TU Ilmenau and is re-elected every year. If you are interested in working with us, then offer yourself as a candidate for the next election.

You will find the elected department student councilof your faculty here:
Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
Computer Science and Automation
Mathematics and Natural Science
Economic Science and Media

Academic Service Center (ASC)

The Academic Service Center (ASC) is a service platform of various service providers. The students' office is the only permanent institution in ASC. An overview of the achievements, such as enrollment, semester ticket, change of major etc. can be found on the website.


Address for visitors:
Max-Planck-Ring 1

Further service providers in the ASC are: Unemployement Office, International Office, Aliens Department, health insurances, examination offices of the faculties, city council Ilmenau, State Student Services Thuringia, Central Studies Advisory Service, financial services provider.

A complete list of the office hours of all service providers can be found online.

International Office

Information on stays abroad, such as semster abroad at partner universities, internships, etc., can be found at the International Office. You should start planning and organizing your stay at least one year in advance. You can find information about this as well as the office hours and contact details of the respective contact persons at the website.

Address for visitors:
Max-Planck-Ring 14 (House G)

University catalog

In the university catalog you will find all current lectures, the instructor and room overview as well as the examination dates. By selecting a menu, you can have a look at the courses of your major, the register and the seminar group.

Further offerings

Studied Generale The Studium Generale is a part of the engineering, economics and natural sciences undergraduate courses. Here, the students are taught interdisciplinary studies. The course is compulsory for some courses. More information and the offer can be found here. UNIQUE workshops UNIKAT is Germany's first student * internship and student workshop. The workshops, Such as Soldering or OPEN Lab, have practical relevance to the studies, they are tinkered, repaired and researched. Further information can be found here.

Language Institute

The language institute offers a series of compulsory and optional language courses. Enrollment takes place online via the registration portal or via the personal list inscription on site. Furthermore, different language certificates (TOEFL, TOEIC ...) can be obtained.


Address for visitors:
Ehrenbergstraße 27, Ernst-Abbe-Zentrum (EAZ)


General Studies

The General Studies is a part of the engineering, economics and natural sciences bachelor program. Here, the students are taught interdisciplinary studies. The completion is compulsory for some majors. For more information and to find the offer click here.



UNIKATs Germany's first pupil and student garage. The workshops, such as soldering or OPEN Lab, have practical relevance to the studies, there is tinkering, repairing and research. More information is available here.