Start of studies

Study introduction week

The study introduction week is for all student of bachelor programs that begin their studies at TU Ilmenau at the winter semester. There is a versatile program on all topics concerning your study start. Introductory events on the respective courses, mathematics refresher courses and group meetings with the freshmen tutors are held. Freshmen tutors are students of advanced semesters. They accompany you not only during the first days, but also during the entire first semester, and are on hand with help and advice. A separate welcome program is organized for the master program students. The cultural and leisure program within the scope of the study introduction week is organized by the ErstiWochen-Orga (EWO), a working group of the student council (StuRa) of the TU Ilmenau. The program of the "ErstiWoche" with all its highlights can be found online.

Master Introduction Days

This year's Master Introduction Days will take place from October 04 to 11, 2020.

Program of the Master Introduction Days (german english)

Computer Center

The University Computer Center offers several IT services such as email, printing, laptop consulttion-hour and many more from which you will use some during your studies. At the homepage of the center you find an overview over all offered benefits.

Upon enrollment, you will automatically receive your own mailbox in the TU Ilmenau e-mail system. To use this, you must follow the personalized link to Oboarding, which you will receive by e-mail to your private e-mail address. There you will have to confirm the terms of use and finally receive your initial access data. You can also access the Oboarding Portal here.

The IT Desk is also the contact point for any technical problems and questions regarding UniRZ Services.

Technische Universität Ilmenau
Am Helmholtzring 9
98693 Ilmenau

Phone +49 3677 69-1111

Opening hours:
Monday - friday from 7.00 - 21.00

The Thoska + in the form of a chip card is your student identity card. They are usually sent by post to the home address for freshmen. To use it, a registration in the University Computer Center is also required. Please bring your PIN and a passport or ID card.

Thoska + has the following functions:

-  Semesterticket within Thuringia
-  Contact information
-  ID for examinations
-  Examination registration and sign-out in the ASC terminal
-  Overview of grades
-  Payment function for the cafeteria / sports courses
-  Library card

In the Academic Service Center (ASC) and in other places on the campus (see map), self-service terminals are available for information, charging and validation for Thoska +. At special terminals, Thoska + must be imprinted (validated) with the current semester data at the beginning of the semester. You can find additional terminals for charging your credit for the mensa checkstands or paying for courses in the foyer of the Mensa or the Humboldtbau. In addition, there is a third type of terminal with which you can register for examinations, as well as to print overview of grades and written registraion confirmation.

You also have the possibility to access the student and examination administration online with a card reader, which you can purchase at university datacenter. At the terminals, you can also change your contact details such as your current home address or the cell number, otherwise the university will contact you with the (home) address given at the time of enrollment.

Online enrollment in courses of study, such as seminars and practical courses, sports courses, language courses and the General Studies are done online at the TU Ilmenau. You can find the respective entry points on the faculties' pages. However, you must first pick up your password at University Computer Center. You will need your email account data and the Thoska +. As registrations are always opened at certain times and there is always a lot of interest in popular offers, you should get your accounts unlocked in time and keep an eye on the dates.

Moodle is an online platform on which you can administrate your courses. Teachers use this for communication and organisation with the students. Scripts or seminar tasks are uploaded; you will get more detailed information about your courses in the classes. To use moodle, you need your login data (you also use it for your university-email account).

Mailing lists

At TU Ilmenau, especially two important mailing lists are used for communication between all university members. On the one hand the major-related mailing lists inform you about all important upcoming appointments. On the other hand, the mailing list "active-students", which is intended to exchange information between students regarding research work and projects or events. Only for this mailing list you have the possibility to deregister on request.

You can find all information on how to register and dregister on the TU Ilmenau website. Members of the respective list can also send emails to all other members. The content is checked and approved by moderators.

University Library

The TU Ilmenau has its own University Library. In addition to the online offers such as the use of electronic journals, catalog search and more. there are two sites on campus. The main library is located in Leibnizbau. Especially for the subjects of mathematics, physics and chemistry, there is a branch - the Curie library in the Curie building.

In order to borrow books, you must register first in the main library. You need the Thoska + and your ID. When you register, you will also receive a user number and a password.

Main library

Langewiesener Str. 37 (Leibniz building)
98693 Ilmenau

Opening hours:
Mo.- Fr.: 08.00 - 20.00
Sa.: 09.00 - 17.00
(There are extended opening hours during the examination period.)

Curie library

Weimarer Str. 25 (Curie building, room 118)
98693 Ilmenau

Opening hours:
Mo.-Th.: 08.00 - 12.00;  13.00 - 18.00 
Fr.: 08.00 - 12.00

Studienstart – flexibel

weitere Informationen zu diesem Studienmodell finden Sie  hier