University Athletic Complex

In addition to studying the physical compensation shouldn't go short. There is a central contact point at TU Ilmenau-the university athletic complex. From asian fighting sports to volleyball, everyone can keep fit in their own way. Besides the campus gymnasium with climbing wall there are also outdoor facilities e.g. for beach volleyball, tennis and athletics. More than 80 different sports can be trained individually or in clubs.


SV TU Ilmenau e. V.


The sports club TU Ilmenau offers an extensive sports facilities throughout the year in 26 different sports groups. With almost 500 members it is the second largest sports club in Ilmkreis.


ILRC - Ilmenauer Radsport Club e.V.

The Ilmenau cycling club is a nonprofit club that wants to support cycling in Ilmenau and its sorrundings. In addition to training and common trips, the club organizes a downhill cup in Ilmenau once a year.

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FOREST JUMP | The Ultimate Frisbee Team

Frisbee is more than a sport for the city park and the beach. Ultimate frisbee is the ideal merger of popular team sports with elements of American football, basketball, handball and volleyball. The most fair team sport in the world is played with the rotating flying disc. Whether as a newcomer or a person switching from another team sport, Ultimate Frisbee is a great addition


Kickelhahn Rangers


Ice hockey has an almost 100-year tradition in the winter sports resort Ilmenau! Besides conducting sports facilities for amateur ice hockey players and students Kickelhahn Rangers since the year 2006 operates increased ice hockey junior work. In addition to the adult training groups, there are also a number of junior training groups in league games on the ice. The performance-oriented competition team of the "Kickelhahn-Rangers" takes part in the "Thüringenliga" (Landesliga Thüringen), would like to establish itself there and beyond and carries out their home games in the Ilmenau Eishalle.


Tauchsportgemeinschaft TU Ilmenau '56 e.V.

The sport diving community is a non-profit organization and member of the Landestauchsportverband Thüringen (LTVT) and the Verband Deutscher Sporttaucher (VDST). The goal is the support of sports diving, especially for students of the TU Ilmenau, as well as for children and young people. Under the expert guidance of our trainers and diving instructors, everyone can receive a fundamental training in the basic levels according to the VDST-DTSA regulations within the limits of the offered training times and courses.


Soccer in Ilmenau

Of course the "round leather ball" rolls also outside the TU Ilmenau. Different soccer clubs are also looking forward to newcomers from the student body. Current league tables, training times and contact possibilities can be found here:

SV Germania Ilmenau e.V.

SV 1880 Unterpörlitz e.V.

SV "Ilmtal" Manebach e.V.